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I cant pair connect my Qexperience blackweb Sound Boom BL2615- to a Google RCT6873W42

This question relates to connecting a Qexperience blackweb Sound Boom BL2615- to a Google RCT6873W42

I don't know how to pair them . What buttons should I push on the speaker? I can't find a manual online anywhere
Submitted by C on 7:14pm, 6th January 2017

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A response by Admin on 08.01.2017, 19:27:43 (1 week ago)
Hi C. This isn't a Bluetooth device as far as I'm aware, it only supports NFC. So you turn it on and touch it to your phone in order to pair with NFC enabled naturally on the phone.
A response by Sukey on 17.01.2017, 21:50:37 (8 hours ago)
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