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My Bluetooth device does pair connect but functions unreliably

This question relates to connecting a Headphones to a Windows Laptop

I am using Skullcandy ink'd wireless headphones on my laptop HP Envy. I bought both of them at the same time, around December 2016. The headphones worked perfectly fine and there were no issues until recently that it starting breaking up, really bad. Sometimes it would be silence while the audio/video is playing. Sometimes it'll be just interference. I tried all ways to troubleshoot but nothing worked. My headphones works fine on my phone samsung S8 and the Bluetooth on my phone worked fine with my laptop's. I tried connecting with different internet sources and it seems like when I have a weaker internet connection, the sound quality will be worse. But I was using the same internet connection previously equally bad and there wasn't such a problem. Even when I switch to better internet, there is a slight improvement but it wasn't foolproof either. The audio will be smooth for a while before it starts breaking up. This is really bothering me cuz my headphones were working perfectly fine for 6 months until this problem came along. And now, it takes very long for my device to be connected and the only solution it seems is to turn off my wifi entirely. But if the issue is to be wifi related, then why my phone, when connected to the same internet connection, seems to be working perfectly fine with my headphones? I have no idea what's going on. Could virus be an issue? I suspect that my laptop may be infected with malware. Looking forward to your reply!! Thanks
Question by Eunice on 5:33pm, 13th September 2017

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Admin wrote on 02.10.2017, 16:35:02 (8 months ago)
So to clarify, forgetting the headphones being paired and working, the audio breaks up when playing through the laptop and its own internal speakers ? If that's the case then it definitely sounds like there is something using all your cpu resources. It could be malware but it may be something else just miss-functioning.

Goto the Task Manager and sort by CPU usage and see whats using the cpu resources. Good luck!

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