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Sound bar speakers on the left hand side of the JBL 400 sound bar pop when raising the volume what can i do to cercumvent this problem

This question relates to connecting a JBL Cinema SB400 to an email

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When the speaker on the left hand side pops or shuts down when raising the volume i need to shut down the soundbar with its main switch in the back and restart the sound bar . of course i decreased the volume befor going through this operation, is there something that can be down to prevent this from reacuring thanks in advance Tino
Question by tino on 6:05pm, 12th February 2018

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Chris (Admin) wrote on 15.02.2018, 03:57:45 (4 days ago)
When you say it pops, you mean it makes a loud sudden pop sound ? And why do you have to shut it down, because its repeatedly doing this ?

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