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Why has bluetooth communication stopped?

This question relates to connecting a Samsung Galaxy Tablet s2 to a Bose mini II SoundLink

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My tablet s2 is unable to communicate with my Bose Mini II SoundLink. This began today after having worked for about a year. I have tried pairing in settings, have disconnected and tried to reconnect and have turned off and restarted both devices. The Bose SoundLink communicates fine with my Samsung Note 4.
Question by Gerald Kennally on 11:29pm, 10th November 2017

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Juan (Admin) wrote on 11.11.2017, 15:01:10 (1 week ago)
Most important can you confirm in detail what happens when you try pairing again?
Gerald Kennally wrote on 11.11.2017, 20:38:14 (1 week ago)
When this started yesterday i could see the Soundlink listed on the tablet. When i tried to connect it would say it was unable to pair. I don't remember the exact words. Later the Soundlink disappeared from the list and did not appear when I pressed scan.
John (Admin) wrote on 11.11.2017, 23:24:06 (1 week ago)
Thanks for confirming. To clarify, are you sure you are activaiting pairing on the soundlink? What coloured lights is it showing and what are you pressing to pair ?
Gerald Kennally wrote on 11.11.2017, 23:31:18 (1 week ago)
The light in the bluetooth icon is white. This has been the case since before the malfunction.
Chris (Admin) wrote on 11.11.2017, 23:43:57 (1 week ago)
It sounds like you aren't pairing correctly as pressing the pair button should result in a blue flashing. Are you holding it long enough?

The manual is here for reference:
Gerald Kennally wrote on 12.11.2017, 09:27:35 (1 week ago)
Ok. I held the bluwtooth button down for longer
It turned blue and eventually I managed to pair them. Somehow Media Audio had been switched off. Once I connected and switched it on it was back to normal. Thanks

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