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I just installed a new bluetooth adapter in my computer / laptop and it doesn't work

Bluetooth Doctor focuses on assisting people with connectivity issues pairing Bluetooth devices. If you are having problems installing a new Bluetooth adapter this is something that is much harder to give specific support for as it is largely dependant on the adapter you are trying to install.

There are however a few basic things we can run through. Try to do these in the following order...

  1. Check that your operating system is running with all the latest updates installed. For instructions in any of the following operating systems click the link for extra details:

    Microsoft Windows Vista | Microsoft Windows 7 | Microsoft Windows 8 / 8.1 | Microsoft Windows 10

    Apple OS X (until version 10.7 "Lion") | Apple OS X (version 10.8 "Mountain Lion" or later)

    If you have a version of Windows older than Vista (such as XP) or OS X older than 10.5 then it's really time you upgraded!
  2. Check that you have the latest version of Bluetooth drivers installed to support your Bluetooth adapter. We can't give specific advice for installing the drivers you may require as there are so many adapters and different sets of drivers available, so it's best that you check with the manufacturer of your adapter and check with them that you are using the latest drivers available. We have compiled a list of manufactures producing Bluetooth hardware that you may find useful.
  3. Try to confirm if the operating is reporting a problem with your newly installed adapter:
    In Windows: There is a good troubleshooting utility that you can download to assist troubleshooting problematic hardware. Click here to access the Microsoft FixIt tool.
    In OS X:The platform supports fewer 3rd party Bluetooth adapters and troubleshooting installation is a little harder, however try the tips suggested here.
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