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fix the volume on my Right headset

This question relates to connecting a QCY 29 to a QCY29 pro

The volume is stock is really low on my right headset on my left one it's fine but on the right headset it's low
Question by Michael on 12:50pm, 11th October 2017

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Admin wrote on 16.10.2017, 00:15:53 (8 months ago)
Has it always been like this? And its definitely not just specific tracks or a specific recording, its any sound from any app ?
jslyk wrote on 16.02.2018, 09:03:48 (4 months ago)
Same problem here. Just got home one afternoon and noticed the volume really low (in my case it's the left earphone) as compared to how it was a few hours ago. Nothing was changed as far as app and phone volume settings are concern. Please help.
cucu wrote on 09.03.2018, 07:52:22 (3 months ago)
I have same problem, my left earpiece is very loud and my right earpiece is very muffed.. This applies to all sounds (music, notifications, earpiece voice prompts).. This only happens with these earpieces, other bluetooth earpieces work fine. If I swap them in my ears, I can definitely tell it`s the right one (now being in my left ear). I am an audiophile, my hearing is good otherwise I would retire.. Don`t know what to do, I thought that QCY Q29 are good quality....... Help?
Andrey Oliveira wrote on 11.03.2018, 08:32:13 (3 months ago)
same problem here, right channel is too low while left is good, Ill try to find a workaround, let me know if you find a fix, ty all
Victor Colares wrote on 20.05.2018, 17:01:13 (1 month ago)
Same problem here, my left earbud's volume is very low, it happens in every app, other Bluetooth devices works just fine
Lukas wrote on 14.06.2018, 21:35:05 (1 week ago)
same problem here, it was working perfectly but when the battery ran out, the right handset got too low

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