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B450-XT keeps powering on and off, only 1 week old

This question relates to connecting a BlueParrot B450-XT BUY NOW to Any device BUY NOW

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My B450-XT is constantly powering on and off on its own. It also keeps saying "pair mode" then cuts off. Then powers back on. Then says "pair mode",and power off.. It keeps repeating these steps
Question by Sandie 2:37am, 31st October 2019

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Mike (Admin) responded : 12:49am, 7th November 2019 (9 months ago)
When did you last charge it ? Does it appear to charge normally ? You are sure you've left it enough time to charge?

Abel Vidro responded : 2:34am, 30th July 2020 (2 weeks ago)
I have the same problem.... I start a call and it just turns off and on again

John (Admin) responded : 11:20am, 30th July 2020 (2 weeks ago)
I would attempt a factory reset. To do this follow these 3 easy steps... Have the device you want to pair to at hand and ready to pair/search before you start the steps.

1) Power on the headset. It does not matter if it connects to any devices.
2) Hold the headset near your ear and press and hold the Parrott Button and the Volume Down buttons together for approximately 6-10 seconds until you see two quick purple flashes on the multi function button.
3) The history of paired devices and other customisation will now be cleared and the headset will re-enter pairing mode. You can now pair to the awaiting device.

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