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Mpow BH390A Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver : Bluetooth Help Required For Novice

This question relates to connecting a Mpow BH390A Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver BUY NOW to a LG 49UH610V 49" Ultra HD Smart TV WebOS (2017 Model) Non bluetooth equipped model BUY NOW

Hello Everyone,Keith here.
I require help setting up a bluetooth connection between my television LG 49UH610V 49" Ultra HD Smart TV WebOS (2017 Model) Non bluetooth equipped model.
I wish to use the MPOW MODEL BH390A Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver to my JVC HA-S31BT Wireless Headphones.
I have read all the manuals but i have no idea what to do!
Can anybody help me out?
With a simple to follow non technical Step by step setting up guide.
Question by Keith Renicor 11:02pm, 12th November 2020

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Mike (Admin) responded : 1:18am, 18th November 2020 (3 years ago)
Hi Keith. So I assume you;ve got the MPOW device plugged into the TV ok with the correct cable, and that you've got the device set to transmit (TX) mode ?
Turning the MPOW device on in this mode should produce a green flash for pairing ready. Do you get that far? If so can you confirm what happens next?

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