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Charging details for Tzumi Soundmates

This question relates to connecting a Tzumi Sound Mates BUY NOW to a Motorola Moto X BUY NOW

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Ok, explain to me in DETAIL how charging works. When they are in the case on the charger, it blinks red, always. The earbuds and the case. No matter how long I leave them-5 days was the longest. When I take the case off the charger, the case turns blue but the earbuds ALWAYS stay red. I just need to know what these lights mean, how do I know when they are actually done charging? This is my 4th pair and every single pair has done this. I don't have an issue with the battery dying, but I do need to know HOW I can tell when it is full. Can someone please Eli5? None of the answers I found were detailed enough.
Question by L 5:46pm, 9th December 2018

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Aaron responded : 9:03am, 11th December 2018 (2 years ago)
I have the same problem as well.

John (Admin) responded : 6:11pm, 11th December 2018 (2 years ago)
L, sorry can you please confirm what device you are referring to ? It's Tzumi SoundMates ?

L responded : 6:50pm, 11th December 2018 (2 years ago)
Yes John, the Tzumi sound mates. Apologies for not clarifying.

Anonymous responded : 8:25pm, 11th December 2018 (2 years ago)
I think I figured it out. Mine are charging right now and one of them isnt lighting up while charging. And then I took them off to see what it would do. They changed blue, and the one that wasnt charging lit up blue while they werent charging. When they are charging, the little dot beside both of the headphones light up red. If one doesnt, its likely fully charged. They are done charging with both little dots are bright blue.

L responded : 8:54pm, 11th December 2018 (2 years ago)
Ok, that actually makes sense! Thank you!

Addisyn responded : 2:48am, 26th December 2018 (2 years ago)
I'm confused. On mine, the case itself is blinking red, as well as the earbuds. Please help.

Livpigg responded : 6:11pm, 8th January 2019 (2 years ago)
What if only one of the sides are lighting up red? But when you talk the other one out its still saying its died

L responded : 10:57pm, 8th January 2019 (2 years ago)
I appreciate the response from anonymous, literally the most helpful thing Ive heard yet, but can SOMEBODY WHO KNOWS FOR SURE drop an answer? We are still doing GUESSWORK...

Ramen Classified responded : 12:30am, 16th January 2019 (2 years ago)
when my earbuds are charging one dot turns red and the other doesn't but it has been charging for a while now. and when I put them on only one works what do I do?

Anonymous responded : 2:07pm, 19th January 2019 (2 years ago)
They right lights up blue and red it works the left does not light up red and blue its only red it doesnt even say power on

Charley responded : 5:31pm, 23rd February 2019 (2 years ago)
Here's a list k yo the owner's manual pdf.

Denise Pelletier responded : 6:23pm, 3rd April 2019 (2 years ago)
My charging box Is a blinking green. Yesterday it was a blinking red. After both buds turned blue, the charge lasted about 3 hours, using one bud at a time, because both dont work at the same time. Are these super temperamental or fo I have a dud?

Sadie responded : 12:28pm, 25th April 2019 (2 years ago)
My right earbud won't charge

Harold Hamelin responded : 3:36pm, 2nd May 2019 (2 years ago)
One of mines won't charge.. What do i do

Gary responded : 9:42pm, 7th August 2019 (1 year ago)
On my second set of these earbuds. Not very impressed with the product. Here is what I observed from the first set and so far from the second set . When the earbuds are in the charger case and the charger case is plugged into a USB outlet for charging purposes, the charger case blinks red. The case lights solid red When charging is supposed to be complete. The earbuds when removed from the case light solid blue when turned on , I think at this time they are charged. They start blinking red when the charge is low. The issue I had with the first set was the charge would not last for more than 5 minutes on one of the earbuds...

I have called the company several times and never received a response - their voice menu system seems to Loop you around in a never-ending Loop. I do not think they care too much about customer service! Here is what I would advise based on my experience with the first set of earbuds... if you have problems with these earbuds return them to the store and get your money back and never buy another set. I was at first impressed with the quality of sound they put out so I agreed to in exchange for another set... However the issues that these earbuds have and the lack of customer service response / support just makes it not worth my time and effort. Don't buy this product!

Natasha responded : 9:02am, 23rd August 2019 (1 year ago)
Place soundmates in case, they will charge automatically with the magnetic base. The LED will turn solid red while charging. Once fully charged LED will turn off.
The LED's will blink red while charging and turn solid red when charge is complete.

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