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Dell Latitude E7440 : Cannot find Bluetooth in device manager

This question relates to connecting a Dell Latitude E7440 BUY NOW to Any device BUY NOW

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Hi, I have an issue that maybe there is no Bluetooth adapter in my laptop. I tried some solutions from the internet but nothing succeed yet, I hope someone here can figure it out.
So I can't find any Bluetooth adapter in my device manager. I tried to show hidden devices but nothing there, and I tried to install the Intel-9x60-826x-7265-3165-7260-Bluetooth-Legacy-Driver but it also didn't work.
there is a physical wifi switch and it's on.

Can someone help? Thanks a lot.
Question by Niv 2:30pm, 2nd January 2021

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Chris (Admin) responded : 2:07pm, 3rd January 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Can you confirm what version of Windows you are running ?

Niv responded : 2:54pm, 3rd January 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Hi Chris, thanks for responding.
the version is Windows 10 pro 64bit

John (Admin) responded : 3:19pm, 3rd January 2021 (2 weeks ago)
So to confirm, there is no Bluetooth root entry in the device manager at all ?

Indeed the wifi/wireless switch is likely going to control Bluetooth as well on these devices. So to clarify, having enabled that switch, since doing that have you tried scanning for new hardware?

And what about the wifi, is that actually working ?

Niv responded : 4:04pm, 3rd January 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Hi John,
there is no Bluetooth root entry in the device manager, and the wifi switch is enabled of course.
wifi is working.
but I have never tried to connect a Bluetooth device to my laptop, I bought a brand new wireless earbud and I want to study with it.
but surprisingly I couldn't do it because it seems like there is no Bluetooth adapter in my laptop, but it supposed to have one.

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