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GoNovate Airo : Left speaker won't play

This question relates to connecting a GoNovate Airo BUY NOW to a Cell phone BUY NOW

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I've had these for 3 years, and I've loved them; however, recently, the left earbud cuts out and won't reconnect. I'll do the manual reset, and it will reconnect for a few seconds, but once I put them both in my ears, it cuts out again and won't reconnect with the other earned. I'm guessing the receiver is malfunctioning? Three years was a good run for how often I've used them. Maybe time to move on?
Question by Brian Gunderson 2:47pm, 20th March 2022

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Pedro (Admin) responded : 8:45pm, 27th March 2022 (2 years ago)
This could likely be a power issue in one of the buds. Do they appear to charge normally ?
Also to confirm its not interference related, the issue occurs in other buildings/outdoors ?

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