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Headset stopped working while listening to tunes and womt power on

This question relates to connecting a LG Tone pro BUY NOW to a LG Spree BUY NOW

Headset was working fine.Was in a drawer for a while. I used it for only one day. Was listening to tunes and in the middle of a tune sound stopped and Pandora was even freaking out doing weird stuff and now headset won't power on. Plenty of charge. Its like its just dead as a doornail. Help! This headset isn't mine and I will have to replace it. Yikes! Thanks for any help you can render.
Question by Theresa Hamilton 3:42pm, 9th August 2018

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Juan (Admin) responded : 3:09pm, 11th August 2018 (9 months ago)
Try to reset it by holding down the answer phone button while powering on. Let us know if this helps!
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