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House of Marley Exodus ANC EM-DH021-BK : Headphones won't connect to my laptop

This question relates to connecting a House of Marley Exodus ANC EM-DH021-BK BUY NOW to an Asus ROG GL703GE BUY NOW

Hello, I recently bought this pair of Exodus ANC headphones that connect to my phone and my desktop PC, but won't connect to my laptop. I've been through Windows, Asus, and currently going through Intel support to try and solve the issue. Here's what they've all told me and what I have done.

- update WIndows (failed)
- perform a clean install of the bluetooth drivers (failed)
- perform an in place upgrade of Windows 10 (failed)
- remote access testing (failed)
- check with device manufacturer

- Clean install of Asus driver (failed)
- "The problem isn't our drivers, it's probably a hardware problem so talk to the manufacturers of the bluetooth chip. You're likely just looking at hardware incompatibility." (failed)

It can't be a hardware incompatibility as I can literally connect it to my other PC. The headphones are Bluetooth 5.0 and my laptop should support up to 5.1 according to the LMP, which is 10.256. Time to go to Intel!

- Clean install of both Asus drivers and of Intel generic drivers (failed)
- Updating BIOS driver (failed)
- Remote access testing (failed)

The technician at intel said they'd email me and do some more research as to whether or not there's a specific hardware incompatibility problem with my Intel device, but I don't think that's the case so hopefully they have ideas. Mostly posting here to see if anybody else might have any insight or for general interest as I don't see too many issues with the Exodus ANC on here specifically.

For reference, the Intel device's model is the Intel Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz and running Intel Wireless Bluetooth. Thanks in advance for reading!
Question by Isaac Jackson 9:42pm, 6th October 2020

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