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Aukey Br-c1 : How can I stop the Aukey until from turning off automatically?

This question relates to connecting an Aukey BR-C1 BUY NOW to a Sony STR-DH520 BUY NOW

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I don't want to have to turn the aukey unit on every time I want to connect with my phone.
Question by Jeffrey A Sammons 4:07am, 21st February 2019

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Mike (Admin) responded : 11:32pm, 24th February 2019 (5 years ago)
We don't know of a way to avoid that im afraid.

Remi Cornwall responded : 4:52pm, 13th December 2021 (2 years ago)
1) Go to this website and set the sliders (not too loud or too quiet) for either a very low bass equaliser or high frequency that you cannot hear and save the page. It will just keep going in the background and you can't hear it.
2) Write a program (call it say "KeepAlive") C, Java, Python whatever to make a small sound sample (say a very low or high frequency sine wave that you can't hear) play for say 0.5 seconds every say 20 seconds and just leave it running in the background. On a windows or linux machine, just have it load when you login in (put it in the start folder).

You Aukey device will think the sound channel is constantly active and so not timeout.

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