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How do you know when the skullcandy ink'd earbuds is fully charged?

This question relates to connecting a Skullcandy INK'D to a LG Tribute 5

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the Manuel that came with the unit didn't tell me what indicates a full charge on the Ink'd Bluetooth earbuds
Question by Rickie Langerman on 4:34am, 4th January 2017

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Admin wrote on 04.01.2017, 20:01:31 (1 year ago)
Hi Rickie
You should see a change in the led on the headphones, do you not see this ?
n/a wrote on 03.03.2017, 20:31:49 (1 year ago)
The red light turns off when they are fully charged.
Jacob seibel wrote on 06.05.2017, 06:09:07 (1 year ago)
My light is blue right now shatter does that mean?
Nipun Shah wrote on 15.08.2017, 04:37:23 (10 months ago)
I have recently bought the skull Candy Bluetooth.
While charging Blue led light is coming. I want to know how will I come to know where it is fully charged and normally how much time it takes to get fully charged.
Admin wrote on 15.08.2017, 14:49:43 (10 months ago)
What model Skullcandy do you have Nipun ?
Kalyn wrote on 19.08.2017, 18:25:27 (10 months ago)
It's been charging for hours but the light is still red

Afsar wrote on 10.10.2017, 05:39:53 (8 months ago)
My device is not charging

Device name - Skullcandy JIB Wireless, i have bought yesterday it self, kindly help me.
Molly wrote on 31.10.2017, 10:03:28 (8 months ago)
The light on mine was red and I charged it and now there blue???
Jack wrote on 01.11.2017, 08:10:52 (8 months ago)
Afsar I had the same problem try charging it using via a laptop
Allana davidson wrote on 03.11.2017, 10:57:31 (8 months ago)
Mine was blinking red and blue, but then i charged it all night and it turned blue im hoping it charged all the way because i couldnt get the cords all the way into the headset from the black covering of the charger spot on phone witch made it hard to charge
Fercho wrote on 06.12.2017, 19:33:46 (7 months ago)
I find this in Bestbuy page:
It charges quickly, I just leave them for about half an hour and it's good after that. They hold a charge for quite a long time. I charge mine about every four to five days. The light does go from red to blue when they are fully charged.

Anonymous wrote on 30.12.2017, 09:30:53 (6 months ago)
Connect it with your device and , and while you are on the home screen next to the Bluetooth, you can see the battery of the Bluetooth device connected
Gumby wrote on 03.02.2018, 07:27:28 (5 months ago)
Just purchased the crushers wireless headphones. I plugged them in to charge and light was red, it's been about an hour and light turned green. What indicates a full charge?
Mihir Thosar wrote on 27.02.2018, 21:01:55 (4 months ago)
Most BlueTooth devices will follow a simple color scheme to indicate if they are low on battery power or discharged and when they are fully charged. A color which is cool and calming like green or blue are indicating that they are fully charged and a color which usually signifies critical status like red or orange or a deep yellow states that your battery is about so low that the device is going switch off. Most headphone and earphones are charged in 3.5 to 5 hours. If your audio device is taking more than the specified time to charge than the the time specified by the manufacturer, you should contact them ASAP
Sasi Preetham wrote on 17.04.2018, 10:24:58 (2 months ago)
I want to know how to check the battery percentage of skullcandy inkd wireless earphones,can u say me the a
Pp or any other alternative??

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