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I can't get sound out of the speaker after I pair it

This question relates to connecting a Black web BWA18AA013 BUY NOW to an Apple iPhone 5S BUY NOW

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I have on numerous occasions paired this phone with this speaker by holding the power button until it blinks and then finding the speaker in my bluetooth devices and selecting it. At that point I can control my phones volume and also play/pause using the speaker but no sound comes out of the speaker. I have tried having the muted with the switch, unmuted and turned all the way up, unmuted and turned all the way down. I have tried different apps on the phone as well. I tried to pair a macbook, and also an Iphone 7 and all had the same issue. I could control the device w/ the speaker but no sound issued from the speaker. I have unpaired the speaker and forgotten it and then repaired and tried all the different ways. This is the last chance I am giving this speaker before I return it.
Question by Mark 5:51pm, 26th September 2018

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