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I cant pair (connect) my Blackweb BWA15SAV110 to a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone that was previously working

This question relates to connecting a Blackweb BWA15AV110 BUY NOW to a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone BUY NOW

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My Blackweb Highwire portable speaker was working fine, pairing with my devices and emitting the audio up until a day ago when I turned it on. After the device said a higher than normal pitched power on, it said nothing instead of normally saying your device is connected or pairing (at which point I would just connect it manually). When I tried to connect manually anyway, though my phone was paired to the device, the two wouldn't connect. I checked surrounding devices to see if they were connected (which typically isn't a problem anyway) but they weren't. I do have a habit of leaving the speaker continuously connected to a charger (just a standard cord like the one used for my android phone); perhaps that might've had a role in this. But it wasn't a problem until recently. In addition, when the device is not connected to the charger, it does not say power off when I turn it off, but it does when there is a charger connected; when not connected to the charger, the voice of the device is higher pitched, but normal pitch when connected to the charger; the red charging light no longer comes on. If anyone has any helpful advise, I would gladly appreciate it, thank you.
Question by Chinwendu Nwakudu 7:26pm, 31st March 2018

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