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I cant pair connect my blackweb WMHXP421 to a Apple IPHONE 5S that was previously working

This question relates to connecting a Blackweb WMHXP421 BUY NOW to an Apple iPhone 5S BUY NOW

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I was using the speaker connection via auxiliary cord for a while, decided to take it out and use Bluetooth instead. My device was previously paired to the speaker, for some reason it wasn't connecting. I tried to pair it again, that didn't work either. It doesn't show up on my list of Bluetooth devices. The speaker will not allow me to use the Bluetooth function on any device and keeps making a beeping sound periodically while the speaker is on, every 10 seconds or so. I looked at online reviews and it seems that others have had the same problem.
Question by Natalie Haviland 6:49am, 22nd March 2016

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Admin responded : 9:47am, 22nd March 2016 (4 years ago)
This sounds like a battery issue. Have you tried high quality high capacity NIMH batteries?

anonymous responded : 3:03am, 11th July 2016 (4 years ago)
Same device same problem. I tr three sets of batteriesDuracell, energizer and panasonic all new and with the device plugged in. Same result. The device is not visible to my s5, my computer or my daughter's ipod.

Andrew responded : 4:47am, 7th February 2017 (3 years ago)
I can't seem to play from computer to blackweb speaker via bluetooth. I can connect to my phone though. HELP!

Bill Cooper responded : 12:54pm, 1st November 2017 (3 years ago)
I just bought a similar Blackweb speaker at Walmart and had the same problem not connecting to anything via Bluetooth. My speaker is a WMHXP461BKCA. After looking at a YouTube vid of a guy demo'ing one out of the box, I noticed he was indicating different control buttons on the top of the speaker. They are hard to see in the black rubber so I got under a bright light for a better look and realized the instruction sheet shows the buttons incorrectly.

The power button is on the far left, not in the middle. The light intensity button is in the middle, not on the far left. I had been following the instruction sheet and using the light intensity button instead of the power button. To make things more mis-leading, the speaker actually does power up for several seconds when you depress the light intensity button. When I actually used the power button, everything made sense, the speaker stayed powered on, I saw the right light pattern according to the instructions and I immediately made my Bluetooth connection. The speaker is fine.

The rest of the instructions seem OK, but the power and light intensity buttons are shown reversed. Annoying or what?!

Anonymous responded : 9:42pm, 25th November 2018 (2 years ago)
Hold the power button down for 10 secs

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