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I cant pair (connect) my Bluedio UFO to a Apple IPhone8 that was previously working

This question relates to connecting a Bluedio UFO BUY NOW to an Apple IPhone8 BUY NOW

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Bluedio ufo bluetooth headphones. Has been A-OK 1yr+, til now. Was used w/iPhone8, iPhone6 , and my TV. Trouble is headphone. Will not send a pairing signal. Powers up, solid blue light is constant. Does not show up on the phones menu of bluetooth devices in range. Turn off/on several times no help.
Cant get it out of this stuck mode.
Have ensured all possible recipient devices have bluetooth switched off.
Question by George 8:57am, 21st August 2019

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Mike (Admin) responded : 12:20am, 23rd August 2019 (6 months ago)
Just to be sure, can it be found on anything else ? Can you try with someone elses phone ?

George responded : 2:58am, 23rd August 2019 (6 months ago)
Hi Mike, and thanx for replying to help.
OK. Just checked it again, and asked wife to look on her phones BT for the U designator. Well,hps been on, discharging x2 days in stdby mode.
It did as hoped. Once d/cd, it shook off the offending hooks fouling normal function. It had powered itself off. Upon firing it up, had blinky red lite x10 sec.,
Announced Power on. Pairing. It showed up normally on my ph. & wifes ph. While trying to diagnose x1 & 2 days ago, turned off all BT in the house.
So, simple reboot not effective. Needed complete battery discharge to reset to
normal function again (so far!).
So, thanx again Mike!

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