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I can't pair (connect) my Pioneer HTP-074 to a ZoeeTree S5 TWS Portable Wireless Speaker

This question relates to connecting a Pioneer HTP-074 BUY NOW to a ZoeeTree S5 TWS Portable Wireless Speaker BUY NOW

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Pioneer HTP-074 instructions say that connected devices must support A2DP profiles.
Question by Alan 7:23pm, 20th July 2019

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Alan responded : 3:00pm, 22nd September 2019 (2 months ago)
A Pioneer HTP-074 stereo receiver is not designed with the capability to transmit bluetooth signal to external devices, but will only recieve bluetooth from phones, etc that transmit bluetooth and which have controls for manual pairing. Therefore the ZoeeTree S5 bluetooth, or any other BT reciever will not connect. The only outputs from a Pioneer HTP-074 is an HDMI port that connects with an HDMI cable to the HDMI input of a TV, and the wired speakers. If you plug into the headphone jack the external speakers are automatically disconnected. There is no practical way to add a BT transmitter to the Pioneer HTP-074 unless it plugs into the headphone jack or to the TV that is connected by HDMI. You will also need to activate the TV speaker output by changing the Pioneer HTP-074 "AV" ssettings to pass audio through to the TV, which automatially disconnects the Pioneer HTP-074 speakers.

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