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I cant pair connect my Zivigo ZV-600 to a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S4 that was previously working

This question relates to connecting a Zivigo ZV-600 BUY NOW to a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone BUY NOW

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The bluetooth connection to my Zivigo-ZV-600 headset bought at has stopped connecting to my Samsung S4 phone after working for about half a year. I checked the bluetooth connection information and the connection has changed to the name csr-bc7 instead of zv-600. Now my phone is unable to connect to the device even when I reset the connect. If I reset the connection, the phone finds an item named zv-600 but then when it tries to connect, the device name changes to csr-bc7 and then the connection fails.

There is a question on the Amazon site about the problem but no solution is mentioned. Here is the question and associated comments this can be found in the Q&A section of the website above:
Question: Bluetooth code switched to csr-bc7 from zv-600 and now does not work. anyone have this problem and was able to fix it?
Answer: I also have this issue. Have not found any info on how to fix it. I have to forget and re-pair them on my phone every time I use them.
By Dino on February 24, 2016
I also have the same problem, same rename, but branded as ANEAR. They lasted about a month before being broken.
By Amazon Customer on March 2, 2016
Same problem; these worked GREAT for 2 months and about 2 weeks ago they became useless and disconnect in the middle of my workout and won't pair as a media device, or refuse to pair at all. I want to call their customer service and find out what to do but I don't have any of that information and I'm feeling frustrated.
By Caleb Myers on March 16, 2016

To be clear, I tried to disconnect and reconnect but that didn't work for me. I was told by Amazon to come to this site for help.

Does anyone have any information on the problem?

Question by Zack Coker 5:46pm, 29th March 2016

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Admin responded : 8:28pm, 29th March 2016 (4 years ago)
Hi Zack. So to check, are you able to confirm if the headphones work on another device? It would be great to know for sure if we have some issue specific to your Galaxy or if its a general issue with the headphones. Also you are sure battery levels are ok as they can influence Bluetooth stability on some devices.

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