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Is a bluetooth signal platform specific?

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I'll try to be brief. In our car club it's necessary to take info from the car's central computer to diagnose engine problems. Most readers on the market transmit the computer info via bluetooth signal to an Android phone or Windows tablet. A free app installed on the phone shows the info for diagnosis.
Some club members have only iphones / ipads. I recently unearthed a reader which offers free apps for either Android or Apple devices but its very expensive, while the app is free. My question is whether an iphone with the appropriate app installed could handshake with the bluetooth signal emitted by the Android based diagnostic tool. Maybe the signals are platform specific and this is impossible. I don't know.
Question by Garry Daniels 1:49am, 12th February 2018

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Luis (Admin) responded : 3:52am, 15th February 2018 (1 year ago)
A bluetooth signal is held in part by unique device ID's in the paired hardware. Bluetooth devices have MAC IDs much like a normal cabled or wifi network adaptor in a computer device does. Trying to spoof this would be very complex and really not worth the effect so although a good question it's probably best to not go further down this line of enquiry.

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