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Bluetooth Headphones WBTCK : It won't connect to my phone

This question relates to connecting an iWorld Bluetooth Headphones WBTCK BUY NOW to a Motorola Moto Z Force BUY NOW

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Information Request for iWorld Bluetooth Headphones WBTCK
Does anyone have a solution to constant low level beeping from this device ?   Please get in touch if you can assist!
My headphones won't connect with my phones Bluetooth even if they are both on
Question by Anzheniik 12:29pm, 25th April 2019

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Andy (Admin) responded : 2:45pm, 30th April 2019 (2 years ago)
Please give more details about what is happening at each step of the pairing process.

Can you confirm if you deleted old pairing connections in the phone before trying to pair over again ?

Justin responded : 2:31pm, 14th June 2020 (1 year ago)
I have the bluetooth aux and I always used it with my stereo system then I got the idea of using it with my ps4 and it didn't connect but right before that I was using it and now it doesn't even pop up in the bluetooth connections so rather than deleting it from my previously connected device (my main phone.. I deleted it from every other device it was ever connected to) I grab multiple other phones and it wouldn't connect let alone show up in bluetooth connections so idk what to do...

I already tried on and off, multiple devices which has never been connected to it, let it die then recharged it fully, I have not tried messing with the software/firmware but its because I don't have the correct connections to check and if I had to it'd just buy a new bluetooth aux because its cheaper., I also tried stupid things like make sure there isn't other things in the air and made sure that the only device (main phone which has been connected before and other phones which have never been connected) that tried connecting was always in a proper environment (no other bluetooth, wifi, etc.).,

I also tried a lot of other things but still nothing even pops up in the bluetooth connection the only thing that I found that comes close to me using it (still can't tho) is back in high school I used to be "one with the tech" and I would force connect bluetooth devices (my friends really liked playing things through school speakers) but surprisingly it actually didn't connect and it still had a bluetooth signal turned on so after I tried that I completely gave up because that NEVER ever failed it always let me connect even when your not even aloud to do so.

I would hope that I might get a reply with possibly some help but if not then loki that kinda would be expected because idk what else to try

Mike (Admin) responded : 2:47pm, 14th June 2020 (1 year ago)
Justin, do you have a model number? If not can you find an image or reference online to clarify exactly what they look like as there are a few different headphone models from iWorld.

Justin responded : 3:10pm, 14th June 2020 (1 year ago)
Yes I do... FCC ID:2ALSO-IWHAMUI... Trade mark: iWorld... Model No.:WBTCK... Product name: Bluetooth Audio car kit

Justin responded : 9:11pm, 14th June 2020 (1 year ago)
Hey I managed to fix the device.

I'm not 100% sure how I did it but I took it apart to see if something internal was moved and so far that I could see it didn't have any problems and then I tried my main phone that didn't work then I tried my other 2 (which never was connected to it) and 1 of them connected and as soon as that happened I tried my main phone again and it didn't work but then forced it to connect then it worked and now I can turn it on and off with it connecting every time.

I'm not sure if you possibly could have done anything but I guess thanks for being there.

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