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JBL Everest 700 Won't Power On

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I've had these headphones for a few years and until the last 4-5 months they were great. But then, it became increasingly hard to power them on. I think the power button is failing or something. Here's why. At first, after holding it down nohting would happen, it would take several attempts before they would respond and turn on. Occasionally, even though they were paired with my PC or phone, it would go straight to pairing mode and I'd have to unpair and re-pair to get it working. As months went on they became less and less responsive. Now the will not power on whatsoever rendering these headphones completely unusable! They are charged, and upon charging the indicator light does go on, and then turn off when charging is complete so that part works, it's just that I can't get the things to power on anymore. Is it possible to repair this somehow so I can use these again?? JBL will not offer any help as I'm past the 1 year warranty.
Question by Marcy 11:15pm, 4th January 2019

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Colin (Admin) responded : 3:12pm, 6th January 2019 (2 months ago)
We don't have any knowledge of this at Bt Dr but maybe if someone see's this post and has experimented they can share their experience ?!
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