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JBL Free X will not turn on or charge

This question relates to connecting a JBL Free X BUY NOW to Any device BUY NOW

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The main right earbud will not turn on or charge. No lights turn on or anything but the left one does work
Question by Jeff 2:51am, 28th April 2019

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Chris (Admin) responded : 1:55pm, 30th April 2019 (6 months ago)
Has it been like this since you started using it or has this suddenly happened ? Cleaning the contacts for charging in the charging case with a dry cloth doesn't help at all ?

Gregory L Brant responded : 5:44pm, 7th September 2019 (1 month ago)
I have the same issue, but with the left earbud. It won't turn on or charge.

John (Admin) responded : 9:32pm, 10th September 2019 (1 month ago)
Gregory, how long did you have it working for ? Anything unusual happened at the point at which it stopped turning on ?

Chris responded : 9:51pm, 3rd October 2019 (2 weeks ago)
Hey john my left one did the same thing. And no nothing irregular happened before it stopped turning on. Only my right one works.

Andy (Admin) responded : 11:05pm, 3rd October 2019 (2 weeks ago)
Hi Chris, we may have a fix for this. Try following these steps and let us know how it goes.

1) completely turn off the Bluetooth on your phone
2) turn off both earbuds (press and hold button for 8 seconds on both)
3) start on the left, press the btn for around 5 seconds to turn it on.
4) now press the button 3 times fast. You should have a blue/white flashing pattern on the left bud now
5) now follow steps 3 and 4 on the right bud.
6) having completed step 5 they should find each other and then pair to each other
7) now turn Bluetooth back on inside your phone and pair them again

Chris responded : 1:01am, 4th October 2019 (2 weeks ago)
Andy I can't actually do that because my left one won't turn off. When I put in the case it lights up but when I take it out it wont respond to anything.

Gregory L Brant responded : 1:42am, 4th October 2019 (2 weeks ago)
I had them for almost a year. Nothing happened, just went for a run one day, and the left one turned on and synced up. It played music for about 30 seconds and stopped. Have not had the opportunity to try the suggested solution.

Chris (Admin) responded : 2:37pm, 4th October 2019 (2 weeks ago)
Hi Chris, in that case it would sound like it has a bad internal battery or related electrical fault and I would exchange.

Mike responded : 7:18am, 19th October 2019 (1 day ago)
I have the same issue, only had the JBL FREE X for 2 days, was listening to music, left ear bud cut out, it will not charge or turn on, when i place it in the charger it lights up second you take it out you have zero power.. Looks like ill be taking them back to the store.

Andy (Admin) responded : 7:51am, 19th October 2019 (1 day ago)
Mike let us know what happens if you return it please!

Jeff responded : 8:40am, 19th October 2019 (1 day ago)
It has a 1 year warranty so theyll just refund it

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