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JBL Reflect BT turns off automatically

This question relates to connecting a JBL Reflect BT BUY NOW to an Apple iPhone 6 BUY NOW

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My JBL Reflect BT turns off automatically even though it is fully charged. I have used it with the same phone for 3 months. Now it started giving this problem. I try charging it, the red light is ON which becomes blue a little while after, seems like stopping the charging. I connect it to my phone, start playing music. As soon as the music plays the device JBL turns off. Any idea?
Question by Javid 7:42pm, 15th May 2016

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Admin responded : 2:23pm, 16th May 2016 (4 years ago)
Hi Javid

This does sound like it may be a charging issue with the headphones. When you first recharged it after it had the problem with your phone do you know how quickly the charging light changed? I'm wondering if it did a normal full charge or if for some reason its confused and decided it was charged very quickly when it actually isn't.

Can you try pairing the headphones with another source device such as another smarthphone, tablet or PC? It would be good to clarify if this is a power issue that may well be confirmed if it powers off after it starts playing on any device its plugged into. If on the other hand it works for a long time when paired to another device it would seem to be something specific with the iphone.

Xin responded : 1:55pm, 2nd August 2016 (4 years ago)
I have same problem with Javid and I have try another smartphone, ipad and my PC. But it still can not work and turn off automatically.

Carlos del Ro responded : 6:08pm, 3rd August 2016 (4 years ago)
i have the same problem any suggestions ?

Admin responded : 7:25pm, 3rd August 2016 (4 years ago)
Hi Xin & Carlos. If you find that the device is turning off automatically when there is a constant stream of audio playing and this is not specific to one device that it's paired to then it sounds like a fault and its best you contact the store you purchased it from. responded : 1:06pm, 6th September 2016 (4 years ago)
Having the exactly same issue here and, from what I've found during my research, it's a pretty common one. Too bad, for I bought my headphones abroad and certainly won't be able to get it fixed. Any light on this matter?

Admin responded : 1:16pm, 6th September 2016 (4 years ago)
There's a lot of people having problems with this product right now, illustrated by the fact that 3 of the most recent queries on the forum here are about this product.

If your headphones are in warranty file a support case for a possible replacement here:

Richard responded : 6:37am, 9th December 2016 (4 years ago)
That's a rare problem I have encountered something similar. Until I found out it was something to do with the wires. When I got the headsets on it would play under I move the button area then it shuts down. It might be after putting it in my pocket so many times. Try keeping it in safe open areas and not twisting the wires too much. I'm still struggling to fix it though.

Priscila responded : 9:36pm, 19th July 2017 (3 years ago)
I've been using mine for 1 year and a half and now I have the same problem, battery doesn't charge fully.
Warranty is expired. I wouldn't recommend this product at all, it's garbage!

Lukas Berglund responded : 8:01pm, 20th November 2017 (3 years ago)
I had the same problem. Used the warranty and the guy in the store said it was unfixable. I got a new pair and the same thing happened to them 2 weeks after the warranty ended. Stay away from JBL.

Varkay responded : 2:09am, 19th December 2018 (2 years ago)
I have JBL Bluetooth earphones. I also had this problem. To explain, when i turn it on after charging, the blue light flashes for 5 seconds and it turns off automatically. I am facing this challenges for a while now.

However, I found a temp solution by keep pressing the power button for 10 seconds so that it turns on and try to pair near by devices and goes off as i am keep on pressing it. Then when i turn it on, it worked surprising. But i had to do this frequently and it is just luck to see it is functioning well without these steps...

Anonymous responded : 5:37pm, 19th January 2019 (2 years ago)
I had the same problem with my son's JBLs. I found out that the Bluetooth on my TV was trying to connect and interfering with the headphones. When I turned off the Bluetooth on my tv It worked as normal. Try turning off the Bluetooth on your other devices and see if it works. Let me know how it goes please.

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