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JBL reflect quit charging altogether

This question relates to connecting a JBL Reflect BT to a JBL Synchros Reflect BT

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Brand new JBL Reflect won't charge. I've only used 5-6 times, they were a gift so of course I don't have receipt. I've tried diff cords, and power sources.
Question by Brandy Yockey on 12:44pm, 19th March 2017

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Admin wrote on 21.03.2017, 22:59:44 (1 year ago)
Hi Brandy. To confirm, I assume it won't power on either so appears dead ? Nothing unusual happened the last time you used it when it worked ?
anonymous wrote on 20.04.2017, 09:37:05 (1 year ago)
I have just bought some brand new JBLs and they will not charge.. The red light stays on for about 10 seconds then turns itself off. Any ideas?
Brandy Yockey wrote on 21.04.2017, 02:15:01 (1 year ago)
This is correct. I tried to charge them on different devices and they don't even register as being connected. I was very careful with my JBL reflects as I really enjoyed them. nothing unusual
Strange wrote on 22.04.2017, 21:06:44 (1 year ago)

Hope this help, regarding not charging. No lights etc. Dead.

I have the same prob with my bluetooth . Got my reflect 2016 of Oct. I always use them rain or shine and most of the time its always wet AFTER 3OR 4months it wont charge too.

did tried diff wire / plug, but still dead.

So i decide to open it and just use hair blower for the board and boom! His back.

Go try it! Just be carful for the board os so thin. Il send or post if its allowed some images step by step.


Skippy wrote on 14.12.2017, 06:06:00 (6 months ago)
Had my earphones about 2 months - no issues and now gone dead completely. Absolutely no issues last time I used them other than battery going flat. Any ideas? Still have receipt and will return them - however is this a common issue?
Shaun wrote on 19.12.2017, 12:37:10 (6 months ago)
I'm on my third pair of JBL wireless earphones. Previous two both stopped working for no reason. First pair I bought overseas so I took the loss. Had a technician open them and he said sweat had corroded the insides. Second pair lasted a month. I run every day, I assume the same thing happened. You can't advertise that your product is for sport purposes and then sweat damages it!

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