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Tzumi Probuds 2-in-1 micro earbud : Left bluetooth earbud will not connect

This question relates to connecting a Tzumi Probuds 2-in-1 micro earbud BUY NOW to an Iphone 7 BUY NOW

Straight out of the box.... The right one works just fine. But left one will not work. They don't pair together either. I have searched the internet inside and out and not getting any help. All the "solutions" are not working. No sound no LED indicator lights except when charging or charged. They won't turn off or on won't give a sound indication and because it is the left one not working I cannot use the features such as rewind or previous song. Please help.

Model: 7058
Question by Adam Gusse 6:10pm, 9th July 2020

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Chris (Admin) responded : 12:33am, 10th July 2020 (3 months ago)
Have you tried to reset them and manually pair? If so can you clarify how you are doing that?

Adam Gusse responded : 2:58am, 10th July 2020 (3 months ago)
I have tried several different way from different research. I have turned them off manually. Then turned back on several ways. Individually, as well well as simultaneously by holding for 6 seconds and 16 seconds. But since I have done them simultaneously I can no longer turn the left one on or off. And only the right ear bud now will come on and off and only one to have an LED light blinking.

I have also tried by just returning them to the case to shut them off. I have also tried simultaneously turning on and then hitting the button 2 times after turning on as I read elsewhere. Nothing I have tried has worked. I get no response out of left ear bud in any way shape or form, and only have the right ear bud working. When I turn on and hold for 6 seconds (with my phone's bluetooth off) it will come on and say power on and then say pairing. One place said to wait a few mins and then it will eventually pair. It never did after several attempts.

Even when I told phone to ignore the device and then re-paired to my phone. The right ear never seems to pair to the left ear bud (as if it cannot find it) and just continues to blink for about 15 mins and then powers itself down due to inactivity. It will even tell me Powering down) If I turn it on and then wait 5 mins and then turn bluetooth on phone.... then it comes on saying device connected (only for right ear) and plays what I have on phone and I can even hit it twice and tell siri to make a call or txt. But again... no activity out of left ear bud. I have tried about ever combination of button hitting there is on many different sources found on internet. But nothing seems to work.

Adam Gusse responded : 8:08pm, 27th July 2020 (2 months ago)
I basically started from scratch again as if they were brand new out of box. Fully charged up case then fully charged up the buds. Turned off Bluetooth on phone, pulled them out of case and let them pair to each other. Turned on bluetooth on phone, and they paired to the phone with both working with ease. Apparently the key was letting them pair together with no bluetooth on. But they needed to be in the case and charged fully not connected to anything to make work properly.

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