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QCY Q29: left side goes and comes back

This question relates to connecting a QCY Q29 BUY NOW to a Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus BUY NOW

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during the music session, a lot of times left channel go and come back. this is terrible during listening music and i don't understand why
can someone help me?
thank you
Question by massimo 5:53pm, 7th February 2019

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Colin (Admin) responded : 2:09am, 11th February 2019 (1 week ago)
Can you pair it to something else and confirm if the issue is specific to the mi 5s ?
massimo responded : 11:05am, 11th February 2019 (7 days ago)
ok i will try to do it
Pedro (Admin) responded : 1:27am, 12th February 2019 (6 days ago)
let us know how you get on!

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