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Miniso BT-575 : controls won't function and also headphones don't turn off

This question relates to connecting a Miniso BT-575 BUY NOW to a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone BUY NOW

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I am using Miniso BT-575 model bluetooth headphones for the past 4 months. Till now they have been working fine. It has 3 buttons in the controls, volume up/down buttons and a multifunction button in the centre.

2 days ago I used them for the day and then put them on charging at night and turned off the charger the next morning. I usually put them on charging for many hours and they get fully charged in 2 hours and the LED goes blue when fully charged.

What I'm trying to say is that I haven't had any 'overcharging ' problems with these before. So any ways they wont turn on and i tried all the reset methods given on the internet but nothing worked then some one on this forum had given the hitting the controls hard on the table method and I tried it and if they didn't turn on the same time but worked fine after an hour of doing that method.

Hower after a few minutes the controls stopped working and the headphones wont turn off now. Also the music keeps rewinding after every few seconds and volume has also turned down by itself. then i put the headphones on charge and this made them turn off and again i turn them on by hitting them on the table and sometimes the controls work and sometimes they don't. I dont know whats the problem. also it wont pair to new devices now.
Question by John 7:28pm, 11th January 2020

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John responded : 6:39pm, 31st January 2020 (4 years ago)
I let the battery of my headfones drain to zero and recharged them then and now they work fine.

Luwani responded : 10:15am, 10th February 2020 (4 years ago)
Para reiniciar, encienda y oprima los controles d de volumen al mismo tiempo durante 10 segundos. Suerte.

To restart, turn on and press the volume controls at the same time for 10 seconds. Good luck.

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