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Motorola Whisper HZ850 : Charging the device

This question relates to connecting a Motorola Whisper HZ850 BUY NOW to an Apple iPhone BUY NOW

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I purchased this product new in the package from someone on ebay. However, even though it's brand new, it will not charge. When I plug the charger into the device, the red light blinks for a fraction of a second then goes out and the device doesn't charge. I have tried other plugs in my home as well as other chargers from previous Motorola Whispher HZ850. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Question by Rita Mincin 9:03pm, 7th November 2023

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Mike (Admin) responded : 2:05pm, 9th November 2023 (4 weeks ago)
I'm afraid it sounds very much like the battery is dead in this device, or to be more specific, without enough charge for the charger to activate. This is very probable in a device with a lithium ion battery that is likely 7/8 years old without use. There is nothing I can really recommend other than request a refund via ebay I'm afraid.

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