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My Parrot MKi9200 does pair to a Samsung Galaxy S8 but functions unreliably

This question relates to connecting a Parrot MKi9200 BUY NOW to a Samsung Galaxy S8 BUY NOW

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I have no problems with phone call functions. I want to know how or why I can't stream my iHeartRadio or Pandora through the phone to the parrot and have it play through the car stereo. I have the plug/ jack that will plug into the headphone jack on the phone.. that won't allow the music to play either. My phone is set to play through an external source as well. Phone pairs up automatically when vehicle is started and no problem with phone functions. The stereo does NOT have an AUX function or Jack. Am I doing something wrong...or do I have to get a GM adapter Bluetooth that plugs into the lighter receptical... and will the parrot still function with the phone if the phone is streaming music through a separate Bluetooth device? This was never a problem with the Samsung Galaxy S5 I had prior...if I watched a YouTube video it would play the sound through the car stereo. The Galaxy S8 will not. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Question by Dave 12:02pm, 19th May 2020

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Pedro (Admin) responded : 11:43pm, 25th May 2020 (2 months ago)
If you go into the settings of the pairing by going to bluetooth and tapping on the cog beside the paired Parrot do you see options for various types of audio to send to the parrot? The other thing to try is deleting the old phone from the Parrot. Their device remember old phones and sometimes the resources allocated to them, its best to clear that out within the Parrot's settings.

Dave responded : 1:46pm, 11th June 2020 (4 weeks ago)
I plugged the ox cord into an FM modulator... replaced the battery in the parrot and it started to stream music through the stereo. Then for the hell of it I pulled the FM modulator out of the power point and it continues to work. I then just left the line in connected to the Bluetooth FM modulator and tossed it in the glovebox where it's been for the past couple of weeks and it works just no clue how or why it works now...but it does and I'm not going to mess with it

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