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My previously paired my Bohm B-66 headphones stopped working with my Acer M5-583P-9688 laptop

This question relates to connecting a Bohm 66 BUY NOW to an Acer Aspire M5-583P BUY NOW

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My new Bohm B-66 bluetooth headphones were working fine with my Acer laptop until yesterday. I've had them for a couple weeks.

Yesterday I was using the headphones with the laptopn to listen to Youtube videos. Suddenly when I swtiched to a new video the headphones stopped working. I pulled up the Manage audio devices menu to re-select the headphones, but they had disappeared from the list. Only the Speaker remained in the list.

However, when I click on View Devices and Printers the headphones are still listed there but marked offline and when I click on the Bluetooth settings the headphones are still listed there also but offline. I tried to delete the headphones from both of these lists so I could add them again, but it isn't possible - I get a remove failed message.

These headphones flash blue when they are paired with a device, and flash red & blue when they are looking for a pairing. When I turn them on they flash blue as if paired, but they don't appear in the Manage Audio Devices list so I cannot select them.

I tried to pair again by holding down the pairing button on the headphones until they enter pairing mode and flash red and blue. Then I select Add a Bluetooth device on the laptop just as I did when I originally paired. But now the laptop cannot find the headphones.

As far as troubleshooting:
--There are no other electronics in the vicinity.
--I have fully charged the headphone battery.
--I have gone to my laptop's Add a device menu and manually asked it to search for a new device, but it can't find the headphones

If anyone has any ideas how I can get the headphones to pair with the laptop again or to show up again in the Manage audio devices list I would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks!
Question by Chris Williams 5:29am, 7th January 2017

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