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Onn Onb18aa004 bluetooth password not working

This question relates to connecting an Onn Onb18aa004 BUY NOW to a LG Stylo 3 BUY NOW

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I really need help with this same issue none of those pass codes work at all. What is the deal and why can't we get the pin that works after a reset memory clear?
Question by Katt 10:55pm, 31st December 2018

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Chris (Admin) responded : 3:07pm, 10th January 2019 (2 years ago)
If you hold down the power button some seconds does it not perform any kind of reset ? Make sure you have deleted previous parings inside all your phones/other devices its been paired to.

Johnathan Monroe responded : 9:40am, 17th July 2019 (12 months ago)
Actually you have to use the volume buttons You have to hold both of them at the same time at which point it will ask you for a PIN and that is the point that I am stuck at. Does anybody have a suggestion on a working pin number I found a number at the bottom of the power requirements in model number area the device which is possibly the battery mine says 1903A but that doesn't work either I am totally at a loss just another reason why not to shop at Walmart or at least don't buy products made specifically for Walmart because it's going to be the lowest quality this is one of the major problems with Walmart, the people making our products are not being paid a reasonable wage even for their country it's an extremely low wage like probably less than $1 an hour, you should try to find products that have the FARE TRADE symbol on them that means that the workers are being paid a reasonable wage so instead of making the equivalent of change like less than $1 an hour they're paid for instance $3 an hour as opposed to $0.30 an hour still extremely low for our standards but still a significant increase in compensation for their time not to mention they probably don't have that if it's so if they are hurt on the job or have a crisis but they may need time off just want to have a better quality of life no be able to take care of themselves better and it probably won't affect the final cost to the consumer significantly and you will know you are being good consumer. Our rampant consumerism as Americans helps to support Billy Idol of low wage workers all around the world so anxious try to be informed and know that the thing that you do as a consumer and Walmart shopper have an effect on people around the world your choices as a consumer matter. So look for the fair trade symbol on your products and try to avoid shopping at Walmart unless it's necessity Walmart is worth more then roughly 20 of the poorest countries in the world we are looking at becoming unsustainable very soon and if everyone in the world lived like an ordinary America our planet would be unsustainable for many forms of life including Humanity... so I think I'm going to take these crappy headphones and put them in an electronics recycling bin and go to Target where I'll buy a decent pair if you've gotten to the end of this tirade thank you for reading

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