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Parrot MKi9200 : Bluetooth disconnects after phone call

This question relates to connecting a Parrot MKi9200 BUY NOW to a Samsung galaxy s20+ BUY NOW

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My s20+ connects to my MKi9200 and works fine for making and answering calls, streaming music and voice navigation.

The problem I'm having is it seems every time I end a phone call, the bluetooth disconnects. I can reconnect by switching off the bluetooth on the phone and turning it back on.. then tap on Parrot under paired devices and it reconnects. On occasion it will either disconnect while streaming music, most times the Parrot screen will show a "Network OK" message.

If I end the phone call and hang up, it doesn't seem to disconnect as often, if the party I'm talking to hangs up, is when the disconnected message shows up on the Parrot screen. It's still showing my phone, just a "disconnected" message requiring me to switch off the bluetooth on the s20+ and then back on and reconnect.

Any thoughts? I have cleared the cache for the bluetooth on the phone. Should I try to do the factory reset on the Parrot??
Question by Dave 8:05am, 17th October 2020

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Colin (Admin) responded : 8:10pm, 18th October 2020 (4 days ago)
The more advanced parrot devices like this model have updatable firmware. This sounds like a similar problem that I heard was rectified by firmware updates.

Are you able to follow the parrot advice on this and check/update your firmware ? You can reach Parrot via
Let us know if this helps at all.

Dave responded : 9:13pm, 18th October 2020 (4 days ago)
I tried a year or two ago to do the firmware update, but I think it turned out I had the only update available or it was the version that couldn't be updated. I did just try to go to advanced settings and do the factory reset, it lets me go as far as to start the reset progress but then puts a warning message on my parrot screen asking me if I really want to erase all information and no matter what I do or try, I can't get it to proceed passed that warning message. It worked great with my Galaxy s8, so I'm thinking there's a clash with the newer technology of the s20?

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