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Problem with Bluetooth connection and Spotify broadcasting on all devices

This question relates to connecting a Samsung Galaxy A71 BUY NOW to Any device BUY NOW

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Hello, for some time Spotify has started broadcasting on all devices. As soon as I open the lock screen it works again. Does anyone have a solution?
Hallo, seit einiger Zeit hngt die bertragung von Spotify auf allen Gerten. Sobald ich den Sperrbildschirm ffne geht es wieder. Hat jemand eine Lsung?
Question by Hubert Hartl 4:13pm, 8th July 2023

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Luis (Admin) responded : 10:19pm, 19th July 2023 (11 months ago)
Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling Spotify ?

Hubert Hartl responded : 5:25pm, 26th July 2023 (11 months ago)
Ich hatte immer Aussetzer whrend der Spotifybertragung. Blieb auf dem Smartphone immer wieder hngen und ich musste den Sperrbildschirm ffnen um den nchsten Song anhren zu knnen.
LSUNG: Das installierte VPN ausschalten, dann luft einwandfrei.

Hubert Hartl responded : 5:25pm, 26th July 2023 (11 months ago)
I always had dropouts during the Spotify broadcast. I kept getting stuck on my phone and had to open the lock screen to listen to the next song. SOLUTION: Turn off the installed VPN, then it works fine.

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