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QCY T1C disconnected from each other and I can't match them again

This question relates to connecting a QCY T1C BUY NOW to a Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus BUY NOW

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My qcy t1c is disconnected from each other strangely and I can 't match them each other again. What can I do?
Question by Bilgehan Senyz 9:31pm, 1st January 2019

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Mike (Admin) responded : 9:51pm, 1st January 2019 (1 year ago)
If you delete the pairing from your phone do the buds not want to start the pairing process again ?

DaveFromAccounting responded : 4:07am, 3rd January 2019 (1 year ago)
I also have this problem as well and it's a bit strange. I have forgotten both device from my phone and have put them both onto the pairing mode. However, it seems the right ear has no problem connecting whereas the left can't seem to find the right. However, the left's Bluetooth works because it can connect to my phone but not the ear.

Onze responded : 3:59pm, 12th January 2019 (1 year ago)
I have the exact same problem. I'm able to pair each ear bud separately but they don't pair with each other. I've tried deleting them from phone and trying to pair them with each other but they just keep blinking white and red alternately. Not sure how to fix it.

Dave FromAccounting responded : 12:39am, 13th January 2019 (1 year ago)
So, after a while I got this to work, well not me but my brother. I searched around and heard of a multiple press technique. So when the lights change from white to the blinking white + red, they can i some way reconnect.I tried it and didn't get it to work. However, after giving it to my bro he did. Just when it starts to blink white and red just tap both of the buttons at the same time, multiple times. After a while of playing about it came back.

BR responded : 10:31am, 18th January 2019 (1 year ago)
I had the same issue, it took me 1,5 hours to solve it, but I found a solution. Press both earpods for the same time for 40-50s. After 20s the LED'll turn off, but after 40-50s it'll come back for a short time, wait for it. Then put them back in to the charging box and turn them on in the box, they'll find each other. :)

Onze responded : 9:30pm, 19th January 2019 (1 year ago)
@BR thanks that worked! I unpaired it from my phone and pressed both until the earpods shut off and kept them pressed until they blinked again then put them in the case. I dont think i could get them to turn on in the case but when i took them out the left one seemed to pair with the right. Then i paired the right with my phone and now i have both earpods working with the phone.

Tony responded : 7:21am, 26th January 2019 (1 year ago)
@BR: Thanks for your instruction. My ear-pods pair each other again.

Daniele responded : 5:28am, 31st January 2019 (1 year ago)
Great! Thanks! I was going to give up but it worked! Now my earpods pair each other again!

blackblood responded : 3:23pm, 2nd February 2019 (1 year ago)
Power off two EarBuds and tap and hold MFBs on both of them for 20s (LED will blink red and white then turn off and 10s later blink red and white 3 times). Tap and hold two EarBuds for 1s to power on(LED blinks red white twice) and two EarBuds will auto pair with each other. Then right EarBud will auto enter pairing mode(LED blinks red and white) when LED on left EarBud turn off. On cellphone, search for QCY-T1_R and tap to connect both EarBuds with cellphone.
Hold MFB for 3s(red LED will turn on for 2s).
Notes: if two EarBuds fail to pair with each other in 20s, they will enter pairing mode(connectable to cellphone).

its written in your manuals.

David Beast responded : 6:43pm, 27th February 2019 (12 months ago)

BR responded : 10:28pm, 27th February 2019 (12 months ago)
@blackblood: but it doesn't function....

Amani responded : 9:14pm, 7th March 2019 (12 months ago)
Thank you so much @BR. Tried finding a solution everywhere. None worked except yours!!

Jessica responded : 7:05pm, 10th April 2019 (10 months ago)
The only thing that worked for me is what blackhood said!

Vincristine Leevin responded : 5:42am, 11th April 2019 (10 months ago)
Thank you @BR. My earpods can pair again now. Awesome!

barleyy responded : 2:39pm, 15th May 2019 (9 months ago)
Same problem, when i took of from the case the left one blink white red LED but the right one blink the white LED only, after a few second the right one same as the left one blink white red LED, i have followed BR instruction but its still didnt pair each other

SK responded : 5:33am, 21st May 2019 (9 months ago)
Same for me, I tried the instruction above but still doesn't work for my left earpod

Odaika responded : 12:16pm, 23rd May 2019 (9 months ago)
The solution BR proposed worked! Finally I found a working solution

Abel responded : 1:23am, 28th May 2019 (9 months ago)
@BR thanks for your help your method worked!

Seckam responded : 7:10am, 28th May 2019 (9 months ago)
Tried Brs method i failed

Nugget responded : 11:05am, 1st June 2019 (9 months ago)
When i start my earpods the left one starts usually flashing white/red and the right one white
I don't know how to fix it because the other techniques don't work for me.

Nugget responded : 11:06am, 1st June 2019 (9 months ago)
When i start my earpods the left one starts usually flashing white/red and the right one white
I don't know how to fix it because the other techniques don't work for me.
EDIT: the right one flashes pink ( red and white at the same time )

Jacky responded : 7:26am, 14th June 2019 (8 months ago)
Power off two EarBuds and tap and hold MFBs on both of them for 40s (LED will blink red and white then turn off and 10s later blink red and white 3 times ) then release. It works perfectly. It told me 2 hours to fix this so keep trying.

Tonte responded : 11:01pm, 29th June 2019 (8 months ago)
Thanks BK , it worked it took sometime . They are working perfectly

Irfan Pirani responded : 9:31pm, 6th July 2019 (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot Mr Jacky

JEFFERSON NUNES responded : 4:05pm, 9th July 2019 (8 months ago)
I bought the QCY T1C but at the time of the initial pairing, something went wrong and the right-EARPODS does not work, it does not respond, the LED does not turn on at all, it does not turn red or white. What to do?

Juan (Admin) responded : 5:13pm, 9th July 2019 (8 months ago)
Jefferson... just to clarify, it doesnt show any signs of charging, it's totally dead at all times ?

JEFFERSON NUNES responded : 5:39pm, 9th July 2019 (8 months ago)
Exactly. When I put it in the case, the red LED will not light. No answer. As if EARPODS was disabled.

JEFFERSON NUNES responded : 5:43pm, 9th July 2019 (8 months ago)
The left-EARPODS works correctly. I can also pair on the phone.

Mike (Admin) responded : 7:18pm, 9th July 2019 (8 months ago)
If the right pod doesn't even light when being charged then I would suspect its a fault with the pod so you should return them if within warranty.

Adil responded : 12:09pm, 18th July 2019 (7 months ago)
God bless you BK lol your solution worked after a bunch of tries.

Peter responded : 10:06am, 29th July 2019 (7 months ago)
The instructions (power off; press & hold both buttons for 40-45 seconds; power on) failed for me at first, however it succeeded when I did the power-on step as much synchronized as I could. I think the interval in which they will re-pair themselves is really short, even 1 second difference between powering them on seems too much.

Andy (Admin) responded : 3:29am, 30th July 2019 (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing Peter!

Wayne responded : 5:25pm, 31st July 2019 (7 months ago)
Tried several solutions online, including one which was identical to blackblood's solution (here: - none worked.

Guess what worked? BR's. Thanks so much. No idea why it worked. But it worked. Only thing is, as above - I couldn't turn the earbuds on in the case either. I pulled them out of the case then they found each other. I have a feeling holding the buttons for so long actually forces a factory reset which is how I presume this works.

I noticed when I pulled it out of the case, the right AND left earbud were both flashing white, whereas other methods I followed, only the right was flashing white. It seems the key is to get both of them to be flashing white as opposed to red and white.

Thanks anyway!

pipboj responded : 5:41pm, 3rd August 2019 (7 months ago)
It seems my problem was unique, because my phone found only the left earpod, and when I connected to it the right side doesn't seem to pair with it. The solution to my problem was the same technique but after that 20s button hold I put it back to it's case while it was charged, the earbud LEDs went red and I turned them on inside the case. When I took them out, my phone could find the right earbud and when I connected to it, it automatically paired with the left.

Rory M responded : 7:13pm, 5th August 2019 (7 months ago)
Ok guys, so i tried repairing them, however i have a new problem. No Sound,
Absolutely none. music playing and i am not hearing anything. tried making calls, no 1 can hear me.
Any 1 experienced that??

Fish responded : 7:04pm, 6th December 2019 (3 months ago)
Omggg niiice....I was loosing hope but it worked like a charm. If you are lucky it will only take you like 10 min to figure it out. Thanks y'all....

Leo responded : 1:48pm, 11th December 2019 (2 months ago)
First of all, sorry for my english. The method of BR will work, but what he didn't mentioned is that you have to hold the buttons while the earbuds are turned on. They will go off and stay that way for 40s and then they will blink white for 2s. You put them into the box and when you take off they'll connect again. It worked for me. Hope it helps.

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