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Screen mirroring from Galaxy A5 (2017) to screen of Pioneer AVIC-F500BT

This question relates to connecting a Pioneer AVIC-F550BT BUY NOW to a Samsung Galaxy A5 BUY NOW

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Hi, hope you could help me. Got with my Kia Morning/Picanto from 2013 an adapter cable from USB2 plus aux/audio plug combination to an Apple lightning plug. I already use the telephone Bluetooth connection succesfully, but I happened to have bought an Samsung/Android device instead of an iPhone. The manual says that iPods and lower series 3 and 4 iPhones from Apple could successfully be connected.

How can I connect the Samsung smartphone, which has an USB C connection to the video entry of the Pioneer, so that I could mirror the screen of my smartphone to the dashboard?? Do I have to use quite another sort of adapter cable or could I extend the Apple lightning connection with an additional lightning to usb c adapter from e.g. Apple??

Thanks in advance, kind regards, Ed van Roode, Haarlem, Netherlands
Question by Ed van Roode 3:02am, 5th January 2021

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Ed van Roode responded : 3:14am, 5th January 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Sorry guys the exact model no. is a Pioneer AVIC-F550BT, , so not 500, please change my text, if possible. Thanks, Ed.

Mike (Admin) responded : 9:55pm, 6th January 2021 (2 weeks ago)
I'm very confident that this isn't possible with this particular combination of devices. Most USB C devices don't even support screen mirroring. And even if your phone does, the firmware of the Pioneer unit would have no idea about this incoming signal and wouldn't support it. Sorry it isn't more positive news.

Ed van Roode responded : 12:00am, 7th January 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Thanks for the time being, could save me a lot of searching time. My last attempt would be a drive to the Kia dealer, who gave me the iPhone lightning adapter in 2013, which according to the manual of the 550BT, should connect with iPods and iPhones 4, indeed, but obviously not with android devices like a Samsung. Ed.
And ultimately, if this all don't work, I'm thinking about switching to a Sony with Wifi e.g. which would be independent from USB C. No more DVD, but internet including Google Maps and digital radio. Thanks for thinking along with me.

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