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So when my buds are in the case on the charger or case is charging alone it's always a solid red

This question relates to connecting a Tzumi Sound Mates to a Samsung Galaxy S8

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So when my case is in the charger it's a steady red light , when both buds are in said case while it's on the charger I'm still seeing that solid red light. It get this pretty red and blue blink fest from time to time for reason I have yet to figure out... But yeah someone please help!

Okay just so everyone here is aware I resolved the bluetooth/connectivity /'only on ear bud is working by using my Galaxy's 'Dual Device' option allowing me to play both buds at once. Now I don't know why the unpaired from each other but they did.
Question by Victoria Silvermonk 10:02am, 8th November 2018

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