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This question relates to connecting a LG HBS-760 LG stereo headset BUY NOW to an Apple iPhone 6 BUY NOW

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I have an lg hbs-760 that has previosky been connected to my iphone 6 plus, 10.3. All of a sudden after workin with full functionality for awhile it stopped connecting. I have to enter manual pairing mode every time to get it connected n paired but not all functions work such as ending calls with call button or volume up/down wont work on headset etc. Not sure what happened after working n connecting auto for quite awhile.
Question by Kyle 7:24pm, 23rd August 2017

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Admin responded : 10:46pm, 28th August 2017 (4 years ago)
Did you pair the iphone with something else inbetween?

Kyle responded : 11:59pm, 28th August 2017 (4 years ago)
No devices newly paired with headset. Only Same devices that have been for paired already such as my vehicle, a bluetooth speaker but i already forgot any paired devices from my phone to just try the headset by itself. No luck! When the issue 1st arose i couodnt even get headset into manual pairing mode, i let it sit for like 3 days as i was planning to take it apart to see if a fix was worth it, or buy new. When i picked it up 3 days later i tried to pair before taking apart n went right into manual pair mode n connected. Thats where im at now...manual pair everytime with most functions not working on headset. Can have a 2 way convo n hear tho. Thanks for any input!!

Admin responded : 9:30pm, 31st August 2017 (4 years ago)
What coloured lights is it showing when you turn it on or if you turn it on and activate pairing via the call button?

Kyle responded : 7:28pm, 2nd September 2017 (4 years ago)
If just turned on there is no light at all n then goes to slow blinking blue like its in stamd by. If i hold call button n turn it on to get in manual pairing mode it goes to a doubke blink blue n then to slow blue blink til i manual connect it on device bluetooth settings n it blinks red 1 when it connects n then to the slow blue blink. Ive got to enter manual pair mide every time by holding call button n turn headset on, as well as manually connect it in device settings every single time. I get it to work but just enough for convo or listen to music, vids etc. No buttons on headset work, no volume or call answer/end etc.

Admin responded : 10:34pm, 3rd September 2017 (4 years ago)
These sound like the symptoms of a target device that has its resources shared already to other bluetooth devices. Its possible that you can pair a bluetooth device with only some of the bluetooth profiles activating. I would delete every other device listed on the iphone.

Kyle responded : 12:41am, 4th September 2017 (4 years ago)
Tried that already before but just tried it again to be sure. Forgot the other 2 devices that pair with headset which is 1 being my car n 1 a bluetooth soeaker, both when turned on auto pair like all 3 used too. Then headset just stopped but other 2 continued as usual. Anyway for got car n speaker n kept headset, tirned headset off n back on n same issue n lights. Im unwilling to forget headset again as i tried that the 1st time n was unable to get it back into pairing mode even manual for 3 days. Unless you/we know for sure theres a good chamce on resolution after forgetting headset again.

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