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TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 bluetooth earphones won't pair with each other

This question relates to connecting a Taotronics SoundLiberty 53 BUY NOW to a Samsung Galaxy 9 BUY NOW

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My new TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 no longer pair with each other so every time I try to pair it with my phone only the right one gets paired with the phone. If I only take out the left earphone out of the charging case I can also pair with my phone but never together. I have tried resetting them to factory settings a million times but it just doesnt fix the problem. They never pair together.

I have been following the instructions and when they pair with each other and are ready to pair with my phone the right one should flash blue while the left one should be flashing blue and white alternatively. None of this is happening as they both keep flashing blue and white alternatively indicating they didnt connect with each other and are waiting either for phone or the other earphone.
Question by Nick 5:40pm, 29th August 2019

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Chris (Admin) responded : 11:34pm, 5th September 2019 (4 years ago)
Have you paired them to something else before/during troubleshooting this issue ? If so delete pairings from such devices and ideally turn off.
Unlikely but in case an issue of interference try the process in a different location fr where you've done it so far.

Eric responded : 1:25am, 20th September 2019 (4 years ago)
I have the same issue. Was working fine for months and suddenly the problem. Tried the proposed solution but no luck

Karthik responded : 8:01pm, 23rd September 2019 (4 years ago)
I'm having the same exact problem too and haven't had any luck trying to fix the issue. I called their tech support and they told me all they know to do is do the factory reset like we've all done and I should just get a replacement set from Amazon. Have you guys figured out any solutions?

Amar responded : 6:03pm, 9th October 2019 (4 years ago)
I found that this issue arose after attempting to pair it to my laptop and connecting to the bluetooth connection labelled tt-bh053 instead of the normal Taotronics Soundliberty 53 connection. The former is likely what is used to connect between the earbuds instead of to a device normally. I also found that following the device instructions EXACTLY fixed it. They are, based on the video from the seller (

Put the earbuds in the case
Take them out for 30 seconds (make sure any devices attempting to connect to them are unpaired, have bluetooth off, and or are off)
Put them in the case and hold the button for 10 seconds to put them in reset mode
Take them out and hold them right next to each other and the right one will change to blinking just blue, and the left alternating between blue and white.

Sam Busacker responded : 7:20pm, 13th October 2019 (4 years ago)
Amar's instructions worked perfectly. I had this very issue, as described by others here, and just following these instructions very helpfully provided by Amar completely fixed them:
Put the earbuds in the case
Take them out for 30 seconds (make sure any devices attempting to connect to them are unpaired, have bluetooth off, and or are off)
Put them in the case and hold the button for 10 seconds to put them in reset mode
Take them out and hold them right next to each other and the right one will change to blinking just blue, and the left alternating between blue and white.

Thank you so much!

Nick responded : 7:34pm, 13th October 2019 (4 years ago)
Unfortunately none of this worked v_v. So I think I will have to return them or just buy some other brand, I don't really trust TaoTronics anymore if their product breaks only after a few days.

Hansen responded : 12:41pm, 15th October 2019 (4 years ago)
I followed the instructions multiple times and it did not work. But then I did it once more and it worked! The headset are now paired to each other. I think the above instructions do work, but you need to hold on to the button for a little longer until after the three flashes signalling a reset stop.

TJ responded : 7:04pm, 20th October 2019 (4 years ago)
After a month of the right earbud not working, I figured out what works!
1. Turn off Bluetooth on the phone
2. Put both buds back in the charging box (which should have charge)
3. Tap 3 times quickly on each bud, then hold on each bud while still in the box for 10 seconds. Each one should immediately starting flashing white/blue alternating.
4. Take them both out and long hold for 5 seconds on each. They should both say connected or pairing.
5. Turn Bluetooth back on and connect to phone - both should work!
I was JUST about to throw in the towel, I'm so surprised. Good luck everyone.

notmyname responded : 4:27pm, 25th October 2019 (4 years ago)
TJs response worked...I was JUST about to throw in the towel, I'm so surprised. Good luck everyone!

Nick responded : 7:31pm, 27th October 2019 (4 years ago)
Oh my god.

After trying TJs response for like 100 times (probably not exaggerating), over the course of several days and failing miserably every time.... it finally worked. I don't know if I will even keep using these headphones since I already replaced them by normal wired ones but oh my god i'm so relieved I managed to fix it. Thank you so much!

Tony responded : 5:33pm, 25th November 2019 (4 years ago)
This worked for me as well, the below copy and paste from above.
Thanks so much for putting this one up. I've been baffled for a month.

Put the earbuds in the case
Take them out for 30 seconds (make sure any devices attempting to connect to them are unpaired, have bluetooth off, and or are off)
Put them in the case and hold the button for 10 seconds to put them in reset mode
Take them out and hold them right next to each other and the right one will change to blinking just blue, and the left alternating between blue and white.

ChrisCB responded : 12:47am, 29th November 2019 (4 years ago)
A little background knowledge for the people that have tried numerous times to reset the earbuds and then re-connect but haven't had any success -

First you need to make sure there are no other Bluetooth signals or devices in the area when you are trying to reset them. These earbuds can only connect to one device at a time so if they accidentally connect to another signal or device, or a device they were previously paired with then the reset will not work effectively. Make sure the case is charged fully and the earbuds as well. Next open the case and take both the earbuds out, wait a few seconds then put the earbuds back in the case. While the LED's are still flashing blue hold your finger or thumb on the Taotronics logo on BOTH earbuds for approximately 10 seconds until they flash white 3 times. If one of the buds doesn't flash white 3 times then just remove that one from the case and then put it back in and repeat putting your finger on the logo for 10 seconds until you get the 3 white flashes. Once BOTH earbuds have flashed white 3 times they have been reset. Now they are rest take them both out of the case and put them close to each other so the earbuds can connect to each other, this should happen fairly quickly and the left bud will flash white and blue, while the right bud flashes blue. Now they should be connected to each other so you can use the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet to scan and connect to them. The issue I had was having their profile still on my tablet when trying to connect to my phone and not realizing that the Bluetooth was active on my tablet, so when i did the reset originally, only one of them flashed white 3 times so only one was reset. The left one connected to my phone, but the right was still trying to connect to my tablet, which meant the earbuds weren't connected to each other. If I had turned the Bluetooth off on my tablet when I did the complete reset of the earbuds, and then connected to my phone there would have been no issue. One of the reasons the right bud doesn't work sometimes after a reset is because it can still be trying to connect to its profile on a different device if there are other Bluetooth signals active in the area.

I hope this helps someone

Mike responded : 9:09pm, 30th December 2019 (4 years ago)
I never normally comment but TJ's comment with the steps actually works! Now why did I have to add to this because it actually took me a few attempts but to add as it was slightly different for me was point 3. after you have held for 10 secs you need to make sure that you don't take your fingers / thumbs off each ear piece until you have seen 3 white flashes then ready to proceed with next steps.

Again I never normally comment but this thread was so helpful i felt compelled to, I was literally about to send back to Amazon and go through whole returns process etc.

Devin Joyce responded : 6:58am, 3rd January 2020 (4 years ago)
I have the Soundliberty 53s and I have had barely any problems since November when I first got them. Now all of a sudden they keep connecting and reconnecting to the device its linked to and cuts off the audio in and out. I have reset the buds with the instructions above and in the pamphlets included and the issue doesn't seem to get resolved. The audio cuts in and out and the buds say connected and disconnected during or song or video.

Not sure if I have a defective pair or not?

Pedro (Admin) responded : 11:30am, 3rd January 2020 (4 years ago)
Devin, nothing changed on your phone or where you use the device around the time of the problem starting ?

Leah responded : 3:29pm, 18th January 2020 (4 years ago)
I've got the problem that when I follow all the steps a voice says ,,pairing" but they actually don't.

Steve C responded : 9:06pm, 6th March 2020 (4 years ago)
I had a similar issue with just one ear working independently of the other. I deleted the headphones from my iphone. Put the headphones back in the box and held down both logos for 10 seconds until they blinked white. I then took them out and let them sync again. Popped them back in the box, turned on Bluetooth on my iphone and took the headphones out of the box, searched for new devices and selected the headphones. Bingo! Both back working again. The trick is to get the eight hand one blinking blue and the left blue and white like other users have identified. Great value sounding headphones for the money so pleased to have them back working!

Katy W. responded : 4:46pm, 9th March 2020 (4 years ago)
None of these solutions have worked for me. When I try to pair them, it seems that it shows up on my phone as the left and right earbud individually. I've tried all of them but they still only connect to one earbud. This is really crappy because they were perfect at first but now its not working and its not working for multiple people, they need to fix this.

Osama Farooqui responded : 5:19pm, 13th July 2020 (3 years ago)
I have tried the above methods to reset my taotronic sound liberty 53 yet no use. they worked well for the first 3months and after that I have been having constant issues with connectivity.

Current issue: after reset the earbuds connect to eachother but I can not find them in my mobile scanning list or my laptop or tablet. The left earbud only flashes blue light, not alternating with white light (like how it is supposed to be). if I take just one earbud out then it connects to my mobile/laptop/tablet with ease. I just cant seem to pair the earbuds and a device at the same time. either they pair to each other, or one earbud to my device and not to the other earbud.

Please help. I am really done with these earbuds after 2 months of tries.

Aha! responded : 10:05am, 13th September 2020 (3 years ago)
Disconnect earbuds from other devices before trying to reset them. If they are not disconnected they cannot be reset.
Turn off the Bluetooth of the device you want to connect to.
Disconnect the earbuds box from the charging cable.
Return the headphones to the box.
Press the logo and hold it down for ten seconds.
The earbuds light will change from blue to white.
Take the earbuds out of the box.
Wait about ten seconds.
Turn on the Bluetooth on the device to be connected.
Try pairing again.

Nikunj Mistry responded : 10:55am, 22nd November 2020 (3 years ago)
To , Osama Farooqui responded : 5:19pm, 13th July 2020 (4 months ago)

Dear I was facing the same issues untli yesterday. Then i found out that this is not the issue with the earbuds but using it with your laptop or TV and if you use it with those device never try to do any changes in the setting in your laptop as it changes the settings of the earbud as well to work with your laptop.

Now, the solution is Remove this earbuds from all the device you have previously paired to. then connect it without your laptop by adding it (assuming you have unpaired it from your laptop bluetooth list). go to your laptop sound settings ---try doing troubleshoot in there then go to advanced sound settings over there you will see the options with taotronics soundliberty xxxx. over there try all the option. you can to see which one work for you. and there you go.

if you need stuck anywhere you can write me on

If it work for your then " Remember me in your prayer"


THEO responded : 10:00am, 31st January 2021 (3 years ago)
I have went through all of the above and as a result I am left with following: My iPad shows a Taotronics 53 and a Taotronics 53 R, which stands for right. I can choose either of these two, which means that only left or right will play, eventhough pairing was statet. This is very frustrating and I must say that to me it looks like the software isnt really ready to be sold. It looks like a Beta version. However, can anybody help please.

Donovan responded : 7:29pm, 7th April 2022 (1 year ago)
Well none of this helped me. Its actually the opposite. The left one connects to the phone and the right one is supposed to connect to the left. I tried the reseting thing that everyone has talked about above ut it did not work. The left one immedietly connects but the right one keeps blinking white and blue endlessly.

Rasoul responded : 6:26am, 31st July 2022 (1 year ago)
Solved, All above answers like TJ won't work if you dont do this steps

1-in bluetooth setting ,in advance part you must turn off "dual audio " and that's the reason of two taotrnics name in bluetooth search scan

2-Disconnect all other bluetooth devices in home like tablet or your wife phone when testing it first time !


Joshua responded : 11:39pm, 7th January 2023 (9 months ago)
My issue is similar to most here but slightly different. My right earbud repeats "powered on" and my computer is the only device that shows both earbuds in the discovery menu. The right earbud will flash blue and white while the left earbud only flashes blue. Once upon a time, when I pulled both out of the case they would say tws connected letting me know they are connected to each other, but this never happens no matter how many times they are reset.

Any suggestions?

I have tried each method in here of resetting already.

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