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JBL Charge 3 and Apple iPhone 6 : The Bluetooth doesn't pair

This question relates to connecting a JBL Charge 3 BUY NOW to an Apple iPhone 6 BUY NOW

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Hi! I don`t know why, but my Iphone 6 does not connect to my JBL Charge 3! I already searched everywhere and nothing. In the speaker there is a Bluetooth button and when I pressed it, it seemed to be in pairing mode. But nothing appears in my Iphone! Both devices have their Bluetooths on and on pairing mode. The JBL was already connected to my brother`s Iphone, but he deleted it from his devices in Iphone`s Bluetooth options. When he first tried to pair, it when automatically. He didn't`t even pressed the bluetooth button on the JBL... Can you help me? Thanks, Luma
Question by Luma 6:58pm, 8th February 2017

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Admin responded : 4:00pm, 10th February 2017 (4 years ago)
Hi Luma. When you say that it seems to be in pairing mode is the light flashing ? I would try to clarify this by trying to pair it with something else. Do you have a PC or laptop available you can try pairing to ? If you hold the button down the same amount of time and it DOES appear on other devices it would seem that you are doing the pairing correctly and we have another problem. If however it doesn't appear when pairing on other devices it seems you may not be pairing it correctly.

Princess responded : 10:35pm, 11th February 2017 (4 years ago)
FIXED pairing problem. This is what I did:
Firstly I paired the first device no problem but it would not allow a second device when pressing the bluetooth button, power button remained the same white color. After experimenting this is what I discovered which enabled me to pair three devices:
1. The phone that I was able to pair I completely turned off not just bluetooth. I did NOT forget the device but disconnected it from bluetooth. The JBL Charge 3 bluetooth still did not work so that is why I powered down my phone and turned it completely off.
2. While the JBL Charge 3 was still on, I did a factory reset on the by pressing the volume + AND the Play/pause button at the same time and hold until the JBL Charge 3 turns off.
3. Turn on the JBL Charge 3 and it should go into pairing mode or press the bluetooth which will turn the power button blue.
4. Connect second device first device which is my phone is still turned off. I paired my android tablet which connected. Played music and worked.
5. I then powered off completely my android device and had to do another factory reset on the JBL Charge 3 as the bluetooth button would still not work.
6. Did step 3 and 4 for third apple ipad device and it connected and played music.
7. Tested by having all 3 devices on and paired with bluetooth and took turns at connecting the JBL Charge 3. No problem.
8. Overall very annoying and shouldn't have to go through this to pair devices. Called JBL Tech support and the person could not help me and said to just return the unit. I probably will buy another JBL Charge 3 just to see if I have a lemon as it's new out of the box yesterday.
Hope this helps!

Admin responded : 1:41am, 15th February 2017 (4 years ago)
Hi Princess thanks so much for sharing your experience, that's really appreciated!

Thankful responded : 3:51pm, 25th September 2017 (4 years ago)
Typically, when looking for fixes I don't reply to the threads, too lazy to make an account.
Your fix of the hard reset worked for me!
Iphone 8 wouldn't recognize the JBL Charge 3 regardless of resets, airplane toggles etc on the iPhone.
But following your steps Volume + and Play/Pause button reset, then turning the Charge 3 back on did the trick!
You rock, bumping this for others should they encounter the same problem!

Happy responded : 8:13pm, 22nd February 2018 (3 years ago)

Thank you!!!

Your reset method worked. I have 3 devices Ive been trying to pair for months and they are ALL connected.

A million interwebs to you

Felicia responded : 4:15pm, 27th January 2019 (3 years ago)
no did not work i tried hard and soft reset. I have charge 3 i had it paird just yest I have been using it for 3 weeks and this morning it would not work. I restarted my laptop turned bluetooth on as well in the cloud which could have been the only issue at first until i unpaired it idk. now it will not pair back up. It locates charge3 but will not connect with it.

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