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The speaker stopped working after a couple of days spending in Europe Germany. What can I do ?

This question relates to connecting a Belkin Fusive Slim Portable Bluetooth Speaker G2A1000bkBLK BUY NOW to an Apple iPhone 5S BUY NOW

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I try to charge the speaker but it doesn't work. It might be because we have different outlets in Germany than in the US. Has it something to do with it?
Question by Johanna 11:43am, 11th July 2016

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Admin responded : 12:26pm, 11th July 2016 (4 years ago)
Hi Johanna yes the voltage in the USA is different than in Europe. Most modern power adapters support both though. This can be confirmed by looking on the power adapter if the unit came with one for something that confirms it covers a large voltage range. ie 100V - 240V. If it were just compatible in Europe it would state something along the lines of input as only 220v.

This Belkin device is powered via a USB cable isn't it? Assuming I'm correct on this try charging not via any mains adapter but with a usb cable directly between the speaker and a computer.

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