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Transfering photo's from a Nokia 215 to a Dell Dimention 2350

This question relates to connecting a Nokia 215 BUY NOW to a Dell Dimension 2350 BUY NOW

Does the Dell Dimention 2350 have Bluetooth compatibilty and if this yes, how do I enable Bluetooth on the Dell Dimention 2350, If it is not , is there a usb stick that allows me to transfer photo's from my Nokia 215 . .thanks David.
Question by David 7:46pm, 14th May 2023

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Juan (Admin) responded : 12:02am, 15th May 2023 (1 year ago)
Hi David. No this desktop doesn't have Bluetooth as standard, but it isn't a problem. You can buy yourself a USB Bluetooth adapter from any reputable store and it will instantly give you Bluetooth access. Note that the more modern version of Windows on the laptop, the better in terms of Bluetooth functionality and compatibility.

David responded : 2:47pm, 18th May 2023 (1 year ago)
I would love to upgrade from my Windows XP but the rising bills have put paid to that for now but thanks for your reply, I will indeed purchase the usb bluetooth adapter and see how I get on . . again thanks for your advice - David.

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