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Tzumi Probuds - Totally Wireless Earbuds : Won't work

This question relates to connecting a Tzumi Probuds - Totally Wireless Earbuds BUY NOW to a LG Android BUY NOW

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They blink orange for the first few seconds after plugging them in to charge then they stay solid orange once I place the earbuds in the case, the one on the right stays orange but the one on the left light blinks for like a split second and stays off.

I then leave them plugged in for like an hour to 3 hours, take them out, I'll try to push the tiny buttons multiple patterns that I've looked up online yet they don't light up at all. Shoot, I can't get them to do anything. No talking, nothing!! Please help me, let me know if i was just unlucky so unlucky that I never got to use them.

Thank you for your time any response would be very appreciated.
Question by Heather Jones 8:10pm, 11th October 2021

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Andy (Admin) responded : 12:22pm, 15th October 2021 (1 day ago)
It sounds like the left one may not be charging properly. I would verify this by contacting Tzumi directly at

Please let us know what they say. It would be really useful for others if you can share any feedback from them on our forum.

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