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Which Bluetooth/USB dongles use Realtek Chips?

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I need to buy a standard Bluetooth dongle for my home-build desktop computer to solve a nasty bug relating to updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The upgrade tool FALSELY reports that there's an outdated Realtek Bluetooth driver installed (an absolute lie) and so refuses to allow the upgrade to continue. The Microsoft "solution" absolutely will never work on computers that do not already have a Bluetooth device based on a Realtek chip.

But I've searched exhaustively to find and buy such a Realtek-based dongle, but none of the 40 or more dongles specify which Bluetooth chip they use in their products! HOW DO I FIND ONE?
Question by M Bush 2:07am, 29th January 2020

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Luis (Admin) responded : 5:27pm, 3rd February 2020 (2 months ago)
This shouldn't be too hard to solve. It may well be that you need to buy a historical device which will mean buying it from a specific website or maybe second hand from ebay.

Many Linux users for example have issues with not having drivers for their hardware so they share compatible hardware that has Linux driver support. I found very quickly a list of various brands of USB adapters with an explanation as to which chipset they use internally. It's quite normal for something from brand x to use the chipset of a company like Realtek as most brands don't make their own Bluetooth chips and just buy components.

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