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Bytech BY-AU-BO-102 : Why there is a slow red blinking light?

This question relates to connecting a Bytech BY-AU-BO-102 BUY NOW to an Apple iPhone 7 BUY NOW

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Not charging but has a slow blinking red light on the call button. Was working fine before they went died
Question by Miranda 4:24am, 29th April 2021

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Colin (Admin) responded : 12:52pm, 3rd May 2021 (3 days ago)
When you say that it is "Not charging", this is based on the fact that it won't turn on or that the actual charge process isn't lighting up as it did before ?

Miranda responded : 1:11pm, 3rd May 2021 (3 days ago)
Yes they just won't come on. And the only light is when it is plugged into the wall. The slow red blinking one

Luis (Admin) responded : 1:36pm, 3rd May 2021 (3 days ago)
It does unfortunately sound like an internal fault, likely with the battery. I've seen others reporting such issues on line on other websites.
I would try charging from another power source/cable just to be sure there are no issues there.
Also maybe try to force a reset by holding down the power button for some seconds.

Miranda responded : 4:22pm, 3rd May 2021 (3 days ago)
So I would like to do a reset but the power button is actually a switch that you slide. Is there another way

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