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How do I connect the device to Windows 10. Windows does not recognize it as a Bluetooth device.
Problems connecting a Blackweb BWA17AV003-1 Audio Transmitter Buy Now to a HP 15 with Windows 10 Buy Now
Ray 0 3 days ago
1:29am, 31st May 2020
Can't seem to find it's connection and it doesn't show up on the host device
Problems connecting a Bytech By- au- bo- 105 Buy Now to Any device Buy Now
Herty 0 3 days ago
6:13pm, 30th May 2020
Kenapa tombol pengeras volume waktu saya pencet malah lagunya ganti bukan volume yang tambah ? Bisakah dibatu untuk mereset nya bagaimana? Thanks  
Problems connecting an Atomi AT1058 Buy Now to an Oppo A5 (2020 Edition) Buy Now
Avis 1 5 days ago by Juan (Admin)
1:07am, 29th May 2020
Onn 100005529 : Can these be used separately?  
Problems connecting an Onn 100005529 Buy Now to an Apple iPhone 8 Buy Now
David 1 5 days ago by Andy (Admin)
1:05am, 29th May 2020
Won't stay connected after unplugging it from UBS cord
Problems connecting a Platinum series Buy Now to a Samsung Galaxy 8 Buy Now
Pamela Allen 1 5 days ago by Pedro (Admin)
12:18am, 29th May 2020
TP-Link UB400 : Bluetooth dongle drivers will not install properly
Problems connecting a TP-Link UB400 bluetooth usb adapter Buy Now to a win 7 desktop gigabyte h81 motherboard Buy Now
john mcnaughton 1 5 days ago by Juan (Admin)
12:17am, 29th May 2020
I cant pair (connect) my QCY T1 Pro to a Xiaomi Redmi note 7 that was previously working
Problems connecting a QCY T1 Pro Buy Now to a Xiaomi Redmi note 7 Buy Now
Robert 0 5 days ago
10:57pm, 28th May 2020
It doesn't require a login!
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