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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless : Not working  
Isaac 4 2 weeks ago by Isaac
4:19pm, 8th Aug 2019
My Skullcandy Crusher won't give light no more
Burhan 2 3 weeks ago by Luis (Admin)
12:01am, 31st Jul 2019
My Crusher Wireless just suddenly stopped working and now will not pair even after resets
Problems connecting a Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Buy Now to a Phone/Computer Buy Now
Anonymous 7 4 months ago by Danielle
10:22pm, 11th Apr 2019
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless not turning on and not charging  
Krishna Teja 2 5 months ago by Pedro (Admin)
5:09pm, 1st Apr 2019
Skullcandy Crusher flashing red and not visible for pairing  
Liam 19 5 months ago by Surner
7:13pm, 19th Mar 2019
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless problem in paring bluetooth
Donia yehia kamal 1 6 months ago by Colin (Admin)
12:54am, 22nd Feb 2019
Crusher Wireless Headphones Won't Work  
Ryan Auburn 6 7 months ago by Ember
3:37pm, 4th Feb 2019
Flash red but appear at paired devices
Barbu Alex 1 7 months ago by Mike (Admin)
2:20pm, 19th Jan 2019
Optimal charger source you're using
Problems connecting a Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Buy Now to a Misc not relevant Buy Now
Cie Fish 2 8 months ago by Cie Fish
5:29am, 7th Jan 2019
No deivce is able to detect bluetooth of my uproar wireless headphones Skullcandy
Akshay Goyal 1 2 years ago by Admin
3:28am, 8th Jul 2017
Skullcandy crusher charging problem
Ahmed Elashrey 6 8 months ago by Fouad
4:38pm, 1st Jan 2019
Having trouble connecting my wife note 8. My work perfectly
Christopher Burton 1 9 months ago by Mike (Admin)
11:31pm, 5th Dec 2018
Buzzing noise on Skullcandy Crusher Wireless  
George 9 9 months ago by Red5for5g
11:00pm, 25th Nov 2018
Headphone won't go on
Elton 1 9 months ago by Andy (Admin)
1:47am, 18th Nov 2018
No stable Bluetooth connection
Anja Gorgels 1 11 months ago by Mike (Admin)
1:56pm, 1st Oct 2018
My headphones will no longer turn on
Patrick Doyle 4 11 months ago by Leon redding
10:33pm, 14th Sep 2018
Won't connect to my new phone
Sam 1 1 year ago by Chris (Admin)
11:51am, 31st Jul 2018
Skullcandy Crusher Sound won't come through
Noah Morris 1 1 year ago by Pedro (Admin)
8:45am, 14th Jun 2018
Wireless Crushers loosing connection outside
Anonymous 8 1 year ago by
11:09pm, 9th May 2018
my skullcandy crusher wireless wont turn on
Problems connecting a Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Buy Now to Any device Buy Now
themoha 0 1 year ago
2:53pm, 12th Apr 2018
Headphones won't turn on after a charge
Zack 0 1 year ago
9:22pm, 25th Mar 2018
crusher wireless doesn't pair in windows 10
Dragos Casian 2 1 year ago by Dragos Casian
6:26pm, 19th Mar 2018
My Skullcandy Crusher Wireless does pair to a Apple Iphone6 but functions unreliably
James 3 2 years ago by John (Admin)
2:40pm, 12th Jan 2018
Problems with connecting my Crusher headphones to new iPhoneX
Glen 2 2 years ago by Glen
3:15pm, 8th Jan 2018
Bluetooth Skullcandy headphones will not connect to LG G5
Problems connecting a Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Buy Now to Any device Buy Now
Anonymous 0 2 years ago
2:23pm, 21st Dec 2017
New phone doesn't see the headphones. They paired ok with old iPhone 5
Anonymous 1 2 years ago by Chris (Admin)
2:58pm, 11th Nov 2017
Can the crusher 2 pair with IPod 5th gen?
Hevva Shepherd 1 2 years ago by Admin
4:34pm, 5th Nov 2017
Can the Crusher content to more than one device?
Ren 1 2 years ago by Admin
8:09pm, 14th Aug 2017
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