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Skullcandy Jib Wireless : Audio Fades in and out periodically
Jennifer 10 1 month ago by Jesse
10:47pm, 7th Jul 2019
Skullcandy Jib Wireless : Why it gets disconnected all the time ?
Abid 1 2 months ago by Juan (Admin)
1:39am, 24th Jun 2019
Volume Control on Skullcandy Jib  
Mike Schnabel 3 2 months ago by Colin (Admin)
1:07pm, 23rd Jun 2019
Skullcandy Jib wireless : Blue solid light  
Paula Dilsworth 4 12 months ago by Paula Dilsworth
2:17pm, 23rd Aug 2018
how can i fix this problem im having with Skullcandy Jib wireless connecting to my Lumia 530 ?
david 1 5 months ago by Luis (Admin)
12:22pm, 11th Mar 2019
Skullcandy Jib wireless reports missing drivers in Windows
Mike 1 1 year ago by Andy (Admin)
5:06pm, 19th Feb 2018
My Skullcandy Jib wireless does pair to a Motorola Moto e5 play but functions unreliably
Doug 1 7 months ago by Andy (Admin)
10:01am, 4th Feb 2019
My new Skullcandy Jib wireless does pair to a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone but only one ear works
Anonymous 4 7 months ago by
11:13pm, 20th Jan 2019
The LED is not showing while charging nor its working
Aashay Bane 1 7 months ago by Andy (Admin)
2:51pm, 19th Jan 2019
My brand new Skullcandy earbuds jib won't charge
John 1 7 months ago by Andy (Admin)
3:06pm, 10th Jan 2019
Jibs wireless bus wont pair with ohone
Cindy 1 7 months ago by Colin (Admin)
3:31pm, 6th Jan 2019
Skullcandy Jib wireless volume too loud
chace Treadway 6 8 months ago by chace Treadway
12:51am, 31st Dec 2018
JIB pairs but earbuds won't work for phone calls
John 1 8 months ago by Luis (Admin)
12:10pm, 30th Dec 2018
Skullcandy Jib wireless : I can't initiate nor receive calls
Cymn Omindo 2 8 months ago by Juan (Admin)
12:09pm, 30th Dec 2018
Call Problems...
Anden 2 8 months ago by John (Admin)
12:09pm, 30th Dec 2018
Jib wireless turns off randomly
Alan Zito 1 8 months ago by John (Admin)
7:17pm, 22nd Dec 2018
Bluetooth keeps disconnecting Skullcandy Jib
Alan Zito 1 8 months ago by Pedro (Admin)
7:16pm, 22nd Dec 2018
Skullcandy Jib Wireless : USB Wall adapter
Problems connecting a Skullcandy Jib wireless Buy Now to An Android phone Buy Now
Davian tsang 1 9 months ago by Andy (Admin)
3:49pm, 25th Nov 2018
Skull candy jib wireless earbuds wont charge
Alex 3 10 months ago by John (Admin)
10:47pm, 10th Oct 2018
Earbuds not pairing/working
Kyle 1 11 months ago by Colin (Admin)
1:46pm, 1st Oct 2018
Pause/play/skip function won't work
Problems connecting a Skullcandy Jib wireless Buy Now to a Huawei Y7 Buy Now
Wonga 1 11 months ago by Chris (Admin)
10:49am, 28th Sep 2018
Skullcandy Jib Wireless : problem making calls
S aravind ram 6 11 months ago by Part
12:33pm, 26th Sep 2018
My JIB wireless earbuds don't last long after being charged
Lanora C Dorsey Matthewd 1 12 months ago by Colin (Admin)
1:55am, 30th Aug 2018
My earphones aren't working, won't even turn on...
Lissy 0 12 months ago
12:11pm, 27th Aug 2018
My earbuds connect to my phone via Bluetooth and work fine but when it comes to answering calls or any type of communication the sound is either mute or it's coming from the phone itself
Sam 1 1 year ago by John (Admin)
12:29pm, 9th Jul 2018
Skullcandy Jib Wireless earbuds not pairing
Problems connecting a Skullcandy Jib wireless Buy Now to a mac Buy Now
sierra harrison 3 1 year ago by Juan (Admin)
10:47pm, 12th Jun 2018
Headphones connected, will make calls but not play media audio
John 0 1 year ago
8:16pm, 11th Apr 2018
How do I get them to connect again?
Thomas 1 1 year ago by John (Admin)
9:43pm, 2nd Apr 2018
I cant pair (connect) my Skullcandy Jib wireless to a HTC One
Sharath Pai 1 1 year ago by Mike (Admin)
2:00am, 20th Feb 2018
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